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Christopher A. Thompson

Civil Construction Foreman / Tower Technician

Education & Training Certification

Apr 2010Present

RF Safety Awareness 

Certified N.A.T.E. Instructor
May 2006

High School Diploma

Holden High School

Advanced Science Courses, Advanced Mathematics (geometry and calculus

Feb 2012Feb 2014

CPR / First Aid

American Heart Association
Apr 2012Apr 2014


Rope Rescue and Fall Protection (PPE)


Mar 2015Present

Concrete Finisher / Operator 

Platinum Contracting

Breaking and tearing out existing  concrete sidewalks, entryways, pool lounge, and parking stalls. Prep, Form, and Pour to revised A.D.A. Compliance / Handicap Accessible 

Nov 2007May 2014

Civil Construction / Tower Technician

PDQ Tower Services, LLC
  • Daily 'Tailgate' Safety Meetings. On site meeting with crew to identify all existing/potential safety and environmental hazards, accidents, close-calls and the preventative steps to take to ensure each individual's safety.   
  • Maintaining a clean and organized job site (housekeeping) 
  • Operating and maintaining equipment safely and effectively.      
  • Examine prints, identify possible improvements / revisions, generate an itemized materials list, develop project scope of work, and timeline.   
  • Plan, strategies, and coordinate all construction activities/procedures.
  • Survey lease area of proposed  compound.      
  • Install Access Gate w/ Tension post and barbed wire.
  • Provide Access Road with/out culverts to prevent AB 3 from washing out in future.
  • Excavating tower foundation and/or structural anchors.  Drilled Piers to specified depth.      
  • Tie reinforcing steel to print specs for tower foundation, piers, and/or anchors, shelter pads, and equipment pads.     
  • Pouring and Finishing Concrete for tower foundation, piers, anchors, equipment slabs generator pad, propane pad, retaining walls, steps, sidewalks, curbs, driveways, parking lots, elevated shelter foundation / piers (commonly used in flood plains) 
  • Install grounding ring for tower w/ leads tower, buss bar, ice bridge,  ring for building with leads terminating to Buss Bar, disconnect, A/C units, Exhaust for Generac, Celexion interior ground ring, grounding terminating at H frame tel-co and power cabinets,  fence post of compound, fence fabric, gate jumpers,  jack hammer 8' - 10' 5/8" or 3/4" ground rods. Install Anodes, ground anchors, install corrosion anodes, ground fence. And test resistance.      
  • Install utility conduits (power, telephone, LP gas lines, and fiber)
  1.    Power utilities from pole to meter/load center then to SPD (opt) then terminating at the building's disconnect. Exterior Generac to Generac Breaker Box in Building, Installing GFI, service lamp at H frame, terminate power to Flashtec Box.
  2. Telco conduit from pedestal to punch down block mounted in cabinet  on h frame and then to building and exterior generator.
  3. LP and alarm conduit for generator and LP tank .
  • Back Filling and Compacting.
  • Roll out Geo fabric and spread 4' AB3 ( crushed base) and 2' - 3' of clean rock on compound, access roads, and / or anchors.   
  • Assist in operations of unloading and setting Cellexion shelter  - Terminate utilities and grounding to the building.      
  • Unload, assemble, and stack tower sections.  Install S.O light system w/ photo cell.  
  • Assemble antenna sectors and mount antenna.   
  • Route Jumpers,  Coax, CommScope, Elliptical, or Fiber lines and snap in securely to wave-guide latter. 
  •  Ground lines and equipment weatherproof accordingly. 
  • Test / Path equipment and lines.      - 
  •  Install Ice Bridge     
  • Physically fit to climb 300 -/+  multiple times throughout a work day without strain or fatigue.      
  • Perform listed tower duties and apply them to rooftops. In addition to installing cable trays and performing tasks from a crane operated man basket.  
  • Install 10' Commercial security fence      
  • Tower Modifications / Decommissions
  • Turnkey and Collocates
  • Performing duties in a controlled descend.
  • Ability to complete all duties in extreme conditions and elements.
  • Vehicle/Trailer and machine maintenance regularly.

Personal Attributes

  • Implementing knowledge, experience, skilled trades, and leadership allows myself to be versatile and competent. 
  • Adapting and overcoming challenging or unpredictable changes
  • Practical and rational decision making.
  • Taking proactive action and complete projects with minimal or without supervision.
  • Helps motivate and boosts moral in stressful or challenging situations, that inevitably occur on a job site, and with an industry that continuously changes.
  • Complete projects with strict schedule and budget while providing high  quality services.
  • Maintain a very close communicative relationship with P.M.’s, site supervisors, contractors, customer affiliates, land owners, vendors, and inspectors of corresponding procedures and tasks, to ensure 100% safety and efficient productivity.
  • Willing to make personal sacrifices and willing to go beyond expectations in the best interest of the crew and the company.  
  • Committed in providing high quality service in every project.  
  • Setting and Achieving Goals. 

Before and After Normal Business Hours