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Work experience

Jun 2007Aug 2007

Financial Analyst, Investment Banking Division, M&A Telecom Group

Morgan Stanley
  • Researched the Southeast Asian telecommunications industry for the period from 1996-2006 to forecast future potential growth using key indicators such as GDP growth and the percent growth of wireline and wireless consumers; research resulted in the compilation of the Asia-Pacific Report on Telecommunications in emerging markets
  • Analyzed 200+ potential target companies’ key financial documents such as quarterly and annual income statements, annual balance sheets and discounted cash flow statements to ensure accuracy of valuations; work guaranteed that potential clients interested in acquiring target companies received the most thorough and accurate financial information
  • Compiled 20+ one page reports for clients summarizing potential investment options using up-to-date financial date acquired through Bloomberg and company financial statements; research helped in securing over 3 major clients
Sep 2005Aug 2006

Investigator, Civil Rights Division, Criminal Section

Department of Justice
  • Created a customized case database used to track case available evidence, case federal and local enforcement agencies’ ongoing investigations, and case legal merit or where a case is prosecutable 
    • Reviewed and made preliminary determination if a case was prosecutable under Civil Rights  Federal statutes; resulted in closing of over 40+ cases due to lack of evidence
    • Contacted local and federal law enforcement agencies requesting additional information pertaining to ongoing cases before making preliminary determination of case’s merit; resulted in expansion of investigations in over 30+ cases
  • Worked with attorneys to help prepare cases including collecting, organizing, and preparing evidence for trial; resulted in favorable verdicts in 3 cases
Jun 2003Aug 2003

Science Technician Intern

National Science Foundation
  • Created a procedure to compare Ph.D. dissertations with government Small Business Investment Research(SBIR) grant proposals with proposals to identify possible plagarizing, which led to 2 potential cases \
    • Synthesized this procedure into a database, which was used to track newly submitted Small Business Innovation Research grant proposals, with the result of identifying two possible fraud cases.


Aug 2006Jun 2008

Beijing Normal University

John Fisher Zeidman Fellow   

Sidwell Friends School                                                               

Awarded Fellowship for language study in Beijing Normal University

Aug 2001Jun 2005

Bachelor of Science

College of William and Mary

Secondary Concentration - Charles and Emery Reves Center

Major: International Studies

Specialty: East Asian Studies


Microsoft Office
Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
Arabic Language
Semi-Proficient in comprehension of spoken Arabic including Lebanese and Palestinian dialects
Chinese Language


Barry Kowalski

To Whom it May Concern,

         Zayd Khoury has asked me to write a recommendation on his behalf, and I do so with great pleasure.  I was Mr. Khoury's direct supervisor when he worked for the Civil Rights Division's Criminal Section of the United States Department of Justice for 10 months, ending this summer.

          I am the Special Legal Counsel for the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division assigned to our criminal law enforcement program.  I have been with the Department for over 25 years and prosecuted some of its significant civil rights cases - the federal prosecution of the Los Angeles police officers who beat an African-American arrestee Rodney King, the murder of Denver Jewish talk show personality Alan Berg, and the last lynching of an African American by the Klan in Mobile, Alabama.  I was also involved in teh management of our criminal civil rights program.

           Mr. Khoury worked for us as a paralegal, gathering information from the internet and from outside law enforcement sources and helping to manage and track the progress of our investigations.  The longer he was here, the more responsibility he was given.  In the end, because of his demonstrated abilities, we used Mr. Khoury for assignments that were much more complicated than those for which he had been originally hired. 

          Mr. Khoury is a very bright, capable, and fast learner with excellent judgment, and most importantly for what we needed, someone recognizes what he does not know.  He is eager to learn and approaches all new experiences with an open mind.  Mr. Khoury is a supervisor's dream come true - he seeks and accepts responsibility, but knows his limits and when to ask the right question of his supervisor.

          Mr. Khoury demonstrated a keen awareness of the importance and sensitivity of the work he was assigned.  He completed each assignment quickly with care and attention and demonstrated a knack for multi-tasking.  Additionally, he took the initiative to accomplish increasingly difficult tasks that required minimal supervision.

          During Mr. Khoury's work with us, the entire office came to like and appreciate him.  He is very goal-oriented as well as a team player.  He was always punctual yet easygoing.  He was devoted to his work and maintained an easy rapport with his co-workers and supervisors.

           Zayd elected to leave the Department of Justice to pursue his interests in China and Chinese culture.  He has left a hole that will be difficult to fill, but we certainly understand his need to pursue new opportunities.

           I have no hesitation in recommending Zayd Khoury for any paralegal position or other legal support position in any field of law.  I feel confident he would be an asset to any organization.


                    Barry Kowalski

                    Special Legal Counsel

                    Civil Rights Division


  Traveling, learning languages, reading, soccer, international foreign policy and economic

  events, meeting, and interacting with new people