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Work experience


Computer sell and maintenance

Pasin tietokonenurkka Oy

Work placement



Upper senior secondary school

Salpausselän Lukio


Flash & ActionScript
  I worked as a main programmer in a school project where we developed flash-based map-system for a new school building.   Main features are: Search function, multiple floors, text-box content from XML.   Final result can be seen here   Fellmannia-Map
Video editing
  Naturally as I have made so many animation I have also gained experience with video editing as well. Software I use mainly is called Magix Movie Edit Pro.  I also have experience with Adobe Premiere.  
Overall computer maintenance
  Our home has become a combuter maintenance factory for all of our relatives. With combined effort of me and my father we have fixed many computer or at least diagnosed out where the problem was.   I have once builded a combuter from a scratch, and for last couple of years I have not faced a single error or blue screen which I haven't been able to fix. Let it be software or hardware I can usually find the problem.   Thought most of my experience comes from Windows-platforms, I have at least used Linux and Mac couple of times.  
  Photo manipulation used to be my hobby for many years. I have combined experience from craeting animation backgrounds, image manipulations and school assigment. A few samples can be seen on the right and the bottom. I am used to working with Adobe Illustator as well.  
  Animation has been my hobby for last 3 years. During these years  I have single handedly created about 40 min of animated footage. I use a software called Anime Studio in combination with Adobe Photoshop.  


More Art