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Michelle Andrea Craig

Program Supervisor and Behavior Therapist - Kids Overcoming


I have a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology with a strong focus on the science of behaviorism. In the future I would like to pursue a graduate degree in the field of neuroscience. My passions include a love of helping others, social work, science, technology, research, and writing.


-Writing, Editing, and Content Development -Science and Technology -Behaviorism and Psychology -Neuroscience -Environmental Science -Biology -Statistics and Mathematics -Computer Science -Research -Social Work, Working with Children -Working with Animals -Education -Tutoring -Diabetes Education -Rare Diseases -Advocacy


Work experience

Dec 2017June 2018

Program Supervisor and Behavior Therapist

Kids Overcoming (KOI)

I worked as a Behavior Therapist providing ABA therapy to children with ASD and related disorders. In this role, I worked one on one with kids teaching them socially significant skills and reducing problem behaviors. Within 6 months I was promoted to a Program Supervisor in the organization which is my current position. As a Program Supervisor I conduct assessments and oversee treatment to clients with ASD. I supervise and guide therapists in implementing therapy to our clients.


Site Director

State of Oregon- Employment Related Daycare Program (ERDC)

worked  as a child care provider through the Employment Related Daycare (ERDC) program for about 10 years.  My most recent stretch was from 2013 to 2017. My daycare was an inclusive environment with both typically developing and special needs children attending. For my special needs kids, I worked with families to support them in setting kids up with needed services, attended IEP meetings, and worked as part of a wider care team dedicated to helping these kids thrive. Additionally, I offered the service of after school homework help and private tutoring. 



Varsity Tutors (currently tutoring college writing) 

After graduating college, I started my job search and found that in addition to my regular job, I could create the best work for myself by freelancing in a variety of ways; I collaborate on projects, build/manage websites and social media pages, develop content and communicate for clients, work on campaigns, tutor, and the list goes on. I have found that I really enjoy both the short and long term creative projects that freelancing allows me to take on. 


Web Admin

Community in Support of NC12

I worked as the web admin, content developer and social media representative for the organization campaigning to pass a bond measure for the North Clackamas School District.  I was responsible for writing content, maintaining, and updating their website and facebook page. I made daily posts on facebook to keep followers engaged and to highlight the needs of every individual school in the district. I responded to comments and inquiries from the community on the website and on facebook. The campaign was successful and the bond measure passed. 


Outreach Team Member

The McLoughlin Area Business Alliance (MABA)

I was brought on as an outreach team member for MABA to work on a project called, “The McLoughlin Boulevard District #5 Lighting Project.” The objective of this project was to petition Clackamas County to install streetlights along McLoughlin between the areas of Milwaukie and Oregon City. It was required that at least 51% of the property owners affected by the lighting agreed to support the project and pay the associated taxes. I worked to contact property owners to discuss this matter and to gain their support. We reached our community support goal and presented our completed petition to the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners. I was among the speakers at the televised hearing. The board voted and approved our proposal and the project is underway!

Clackamas County Commissioners Meeting video links:

Streetlight Petition Proposal Presentation Begins

 My Testimony

Commissioners Unanimously Approve Petition



Learning Tree Day School

I worked as a teacher in the Pre-K (4 and 5 year old) classroom. I also worked in other classrooms when needed. Children at the school ranged in age from 8 weeks to school age.


Pet Sitting Manager, Dog Trainer and Pet Sitter

SafeJourney Pet Sitting

At SafeJourney Pet Sitting I had many roles. I worked my way up from an entry level Pet Sitter to the Dog Trainer for the Company and then the Pet Sitting Manager. As a Pet Sitter, I traveled to clients homes and cared for their pets while they were gone. This included feeding, medication administration, cleaning up after pets, walking dogs, bringing in mail, rotating lights, watering plants etc. As the dog trainer, I trained dogs in obedience and leash training at the boarding facility each day. Also, I was sent to client's homes to solve more in depth behavior issues with their pets. I dealt with potty training problems, fence aggression, excessive barking, stranger fear, chewing, and many other problems. As the Pet Sitting Manager, I was the main liaison between clients and the company. I assigned pet sitters to clients, made schedules, managed our online software, handled all client inquiries via email, phone and the software system, did the billing and the list goes on.



Oregon State Public Interest Group (OSPIRG)

At OSPIRG I worked as a canvasser raising community awareness about a variety of environmental and political issues and I collected donations from supporters. One of my favorite campaigns I worked on was called Our Wild Heritage which focused on saving old growth forest habitat.


Receptionist and Site Host

Environmental Learning Center

The Environmental Learning Center (ELC) is located on the Clackamas Community College (CCC) campus. This was an amazing college work study job that I had while I was a student at CCC. At the ELC, I worked in the office answering phone calls and emails which mostly required me to research and answer questions about wildlife and the environment. I also did data entry, sent newsletters, greeted site visitors, gave tours and collected data each day for species diversity ratios. My favorite duty at the ELC was conducting “Critter Walks” with elementary school children on field trips. We would set up several stations around the site with activities to teach the children different things about habitats, wildlife and the environment. The kids always got a kick out of my duck call at the water station because without fail, all the ducks would answer me and come flying over to us.



Progressive Campaigns

I worked as a petitioner, talking to the community about  important social and political issues in order to collect signatures to put measures on the ballot.   


Sales Representative

The Glass Shop

I worked as a telemarketer selling windshields and other auto glass.



Rescue and Rehabilitation Specialist

People United For Animals (PUFA)

I  worked with a private animal rescue organization called People United for Animals (PUFA) for many years. With PUFA and its partners in the community such as the Feral Cat Coalition and the Humane Society of Southwest Washington, I have been involved in helping to provide low cost spay/neutering and pet vaccinations to the public. I have participated in the Feral Cat Coalition's catch, spay and release program, feral cat rehabilitation, wildlife rehabilitation, foster care, and many other things.

Skills I have gained working with PUFA include but are not limited to;

 -Giving vaccinations -De-worming -Pill and other medication administration -Administering subcutaneous fluids -Draining abscesses -Removing bot fly larvae -Treating ringworm and other skin infections -Treating distemper and other viral infections -Knowledge and experience managing many illnesses and injuries -Grooming -Bottle feeding baby mammals -Feeding and raising baby birds -Habitat enrichment -Building safe enclosures -Cleaning and maintenance of artificial habitats and enclosures -Animal catching/trapping (you might not think this is a skill but it really is!) -Minimizing human imprinting (for wildlife that is to be released) -Taming (for feral cats or wildlife that will not be released back into the wild)



Content Development

-I have developed content that has been used in software and on websites. As a student, I always received top marks on research papers, essays, presentations, poems, fiction, and any other form of writing assigned to me. I have worked as a freelance tutor, editor, and proof reader for college students. Additionally, I have worked as a private writing tutor for childcare clients. 


-I have access to reputable databases with peer reviewed material. I know how to create properly cited and formatted bibliography and works cited pages.

Computer Proficiency

-I have created and managed websites and social media pages for individuals and organizations. I have experience managing clients, appointments, and billing within various programs.

-Microsoft Office and other Office programs -Web Developing Platforms -Advanced Statistical Analysis  -Use of many  programs and software -Data Entry -Basic Graphic Design 

First Aid
-Certified in First Aid and CPR   -Diabetic Management: Advanced knowledge and experience with; -Insulin ratios -Carbohydrate counting -Specialized diet plans -Giving insulin shots -Testing blood glucose -Treating high and low blood glucose -Signs of Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) 


Oct. 2012Present

Enrolled in the Oregon Central Background Registry

Department of Human Services
Apr 2010Present

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

Department of Human Services
Nov 2012Present

Food Handlers Card

Oregon Health Authority
Feb 2013Present

Step 10 of the Oregon Registry: Pathways to Professional Development

The Oregon Center for Career Development in Childhood Care and Education
Nov 2012Present

Certified in CPR and First Aid

Department of Human Services


 Susan G. Reese

Portland State University- English Department

(503) 725-3596

[email protected]

Susan Reese was one of my writing professors at Portland State University.


Bruce Simmons

Clackamas Community College- Mathematics Department

(503) 550-2932

[email protected]

Bruce Simmons was my Statistics Teacher. He can verify that I was the top student in my statistics class.

Stephanie Rose

Daycare Client and NCEF Volunteer Coordinator 

(503) 754-2052

[email protected]

Stephanie Rose and I have worked together in a variety of circumstances. 

Margaret Wootan

Daycare and Tutoring Client

(503) 568-0283

I have been working with Margaret Wootan's 5 children for many years as a daycare provider, tutor and homework helper. I started tutoring her special needs child in kindergarten and she is now a sophomore in high school.