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My name is William Trively. I have worked as seasonal and part-time staff during my years in high-school in America. Upon receiving my high school diploma in 2006, I joined the U.S. Navy. For 4 years I worked as the Hazardous Materials Technician as well as the Master Helmsman on board and aircraft carrier and a command ship in Yokosuka, Japan from 2007-2010.  

After my military service ended in 2010, I was a chat host at various English cafes within the Kanto region and was able to gain some experience with English teaching while deciding what to do with my future. I became a student at Temple University Japan Campus in Minato-ku studying International Affairs. During the first semester, I was in Tokyo during the Tohoku earthquake. I have volunteered since then to help those who fell victim to the triple disaster. I hope while I enter the work force that I will still be able to continue volunteering in Tohoku. At that time I also worked for Espritline as a Native Adviser for the famous Speed Learning program. It was only after working with children over the phone at Espritline that I found my passion for wanting to teach children. This led me to work for Shabe Kids where I am currently the sole teacher for young children. It made me rethink my current degree at Temple. After my recent semester, I halted my academic progress. Temple Japan does not have an Education or Children's Education major. I am currently looking for an online university in order to get a degree in education. This would far better suite my future than an International Affairs degree would. As such, the company I seek employment with would need to be one willing to sponsor my visa. My student visa will be ending at the beginning of August now that I have halted my education at Temple. I have 3+ years of teaching experience through various companies in Japan.  

Despite my lack of a finalized college degree, I have a great deal of knowledge with teaching and work hard to ensure the children I teach learn in a fun way. I also have experience with learning disabilities and special needs. When I was a high school student and even in college, I had a difficult time with some subjects. Being the sole teacher at Shabe Kids, I have worked with all the students. As I work with them, I am able to see which children struggle to keep up with others. I make sure i take the extra step to ensure they stay engaged in class, as well as understand the material. I have been in that tough situation of being lost because of learning disabilities and I want to ensure the students get the same help I was offered as a child. If it were not for the amazing teachers I had in my life, I would not be where I am today.  

I have a goatee and long hair. In Japan, being different, in the sense of grooming standards, is seen slightly negative in a Japanese work place. Being in Japan for almost 9 years and studying the Japanese workforce culture in many college classes, it is known that many workers have similar grooming standards to be more cohesive and seem like part of the team. However, I see this as a hindrance in language education as well as personal expression. When learning another language, you are not only learning language. You are also being exposed to the culture of the individual teaching that language. That is a big part of learning another language. I myself learn a great deal about Japanese culture when I study Japanese language. A person that looks different than what you experience within your own culture is new, fun and exciting. My hair may be long, but I ensure I keep it well groomed daily and in a pony tail. I also keep my goatee short and neatly trimmed. At Shabe Kids, the children love my long hair and goatee because I look different. I ensure I keep it professional.  

Teaching is not just a job, though many see it that way. Teaching is the best experience anyone on earth can have. You are able to assist new generations step into a larger world. That is extremely gratifying. Life has many opportunities. However, many of those opportunities are often blocked by countless obstacles. By learning another language besides your own, you are granted greater opportunities within your country and around the world. Studying abroad, traveling, making foreign friends and even living overseas become a very possible reality with bilingual ability. That is why I want to be a children's teacher. I want to be able to light the way for them to earn those opportunities.  

Please scroll down to my personal page, which is my visual CV, for a more detailed look at my history.  

Thank you for reading my summary.

Work History

Jul 2016Aug 2016

Children's English Teacher

Seiha English Academy
Aug 2015Jul 2016

Primary Children's English Teacher


I am the sole teacher for children of age 2 up to early teens. I teach multiple classes 3 days a week. I begin class with questions that all students both ask and answer, followed by flashcards, then knowledge of phonics, reading practice and end with the workbook lesson. Questions and flashcards change each month. Phonics, reading pages and workbook pages change each week. All material is based off class level of English. I have implemented changes as I have been teaching to better facilitate students. An example is adding monthly country flag flashcards which students match English names to flags, as well as their location on a world map. I have it set to rotate each month with schedules. I am assisted/monitored by one of the two Japanese owners for when students have a sad or negative temperament. Though I am mostly able to maintain full control of students. Assistance with issues mostly occur with baby classes when a child is too disruptive via bad behavior or excessive crying. I love children and this is the best job I have had in my life thus far. I am looking to continue working with children for the rest of my working life.

Jan 2015Jul 2015

Native Adviser

Espritline Inc.

I worked as a member of the Native Staff in order to facilitate customers English needs with a Free Talk service as well as a paid schedule based service via telephone in regards to the Speed Learning program.

Jul 2013Aug 2013

English Teacher & Host

Norton Place

My job was to look over the students file, gauge their level of understanding, and prepare a lesson geared toward their learning experience. Following a lesson we would engage in practical conversation to improve social use of English.

Aug 2006Aug 2010

Master Helmsman

United States Navy

The job of the Master Helmsman is to drive the ship in difficult situations such as driving through straights or pulling in and out of ports. I requires a higher qualification than normal helm duties on the open ocean.

Aug 2006Aug 2010

Hazardous Materials Technician

United States Navy

Managed the Ships Hazardous materials, Ran a computer system for checking in and out Hazardous Materials to co-workers, Kept storeroom stocked and updated, Ordered new Hazardous Materials, Conducted receiving and disposing of Hazardous Materials, and Kept records of the ships Hazardous Material use.

Aug 2005Aug 2006

Media Sales Staff

Best Buy

My job was to sell the companies Media merchandise to interested customers. This merchandise comprised of movies, music, and video games.

Aug 2004Aug 2005

Games Staff

Dorney Park and Wild Water Kingdom

My job was to run various games throughout the park. This included checking the game booth for problems before accepting control over that booth, ensuring customers follow the rules, controlling a decent sum of money used as change, and making sure the games are ran the way they are intended.


Sep 2011Present

Bachelors Degree

Temple University Japan Campus

Currently paused to search for a college that will accept all my credits from Temple in order to graduate with an Education degree, rather than an International Affairs degree.

Volunteer Work

Following the disaster of 3/11/11 I have volunteered in many different ways. At first I went with groups of foreigners to bring aid supplies. I later created a group within my college to continue this effort. However, due to safety concerns, the school did not give us the support we needed. I have also been involved with The World Wildlife Foundation during Earth Hour. I currently follow the efforts of O.G.A. for Aid here in Japan, though I have been unable to assist them directly due to work and college constraints. They are an NGO that works to help the people of Tohoku.



I am able to speak at a very basic Japanese conversational level. I am looking to improve my Japanese ability as I work and live in Japan.

Computer Use (Windows)

I have been using windows since Windows 95 version and have a good understanding of the OS.

Customer Service

During my jobs in high school, the United States Navy, and Espritline Inc. I have gained a great deal of knowledge handling Customer Service style work.

Record Keeping

As a Hazardous Materials Technician in the United States Navy and as a Native Adviser, I have gained a great deal of knowledge in record keeping.

Microsoft Office
I am able to use Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, and Excel to an intermediate level.
As a Hazardous Materials Technician in the United States Navy organization skills were a requirement when dealing with hazardous materials.    


I enjoy cooking, reading, playing video games, golf, soccer, photography, paintball, running, fishing, exploring, festivals, and interior design. I love rock, punk & metal music. I enjoy wearing rock fashion for live events and fashion events.