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Zara Realty, led by George Subraj, leases and maintains apartments throughout Queens and Long Island, New York. The company also offers rental opportunities in Florida. Based in Jamaica, New York, Zara Realty operates with a mission statement that emphasizes comfortable, affordable, safe, and clean housing. Each day, the rental company’s team strives to remain leaders in leasing opportunities and customer service. The Zara Realty website features a number of testimonials from satisfied renters. A current tenant at raved that he appreciated Tony Subraj’s enthusiasm and communication skills, as well as his ability to multitask. Another resident shared she was thrilled when Zara Realty assumed ownership of her apartment building, citing improvements such as updated central air conditioning, new mailboxes, and enhanced lighting in the building and parking lot. Yet another tenant expressed praise for her building’s superintendent and staff because they complete repairs in a timely and high-quality manner. Throughout her time in her unit, she has experienced positive interactions with the leasing office team. The Zara Realty website lists details about each multifamily property with rental units available. Other details the website features include the number of units per building, and the presence or absence of an elevator, indoor parking, on-site laundry, cable connections, and security surveillance. For convenience, Zara Realty gives potential lessees access to the rental application online. Applicants can fill out the form directly on the website or download a PDF version and submit it to the office via fax.