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Work experience



I am a Computer Science student in my last year of studies. I have

always been avid gamer. My interest into games has continued from

high school into college. This time game development is also a primarily

interest of mine. I believe I am easy to work with person, outgoing and

friendly. I consider myself determined, fast-learner and hardworking. I

also have shown leadership abilities where required.


  • Fast Learner
    •  I participated in an annual Telerik competition in my university ( It was required from us to write “Jacks or Better” slot machine poker implementation. I had only C# knowledge. I had to learn to write pages and use AJAX technology for only 1 month and half. I managed to successfully write a solution that was awarded with a first place. (and won a laptop that I traded later for PS3 :) ) On this link you can find VS2008 Professional solution:(
    •  In my Erasmus exchange in Otto-Von-Guericke university in Magdeburg,Germany. I took a course in Visual User Interfaces. For final assessment wewere required to do a group project of four people. We decided to do an item browser implementation for n95 Nokia phone. The challenge was that we needed to do it in 2-3 weeks time and prototype it fast. We were suggested to use Python. I learned basics in Python and for 2 weeks of prototyping managed to create a decent demo application. I did 80% of the code for the demo. We were voted best project out of 9. Here is a link to a video we used to present the project: (
  • Enthusiastic about Game Programming
    •  I have been always very enthusiastic about game development. I have read 3 books about XNA. I am also taking an independent study in Direct X 9.0 API and I have been regular in forum.
    •  I have organized a Pacman programming workshop in XNA that unfortunately was not very successful but I learned a lot when tutoring to freshman students. C# is an easy to start language but not piece of cake that needs some build up. Also to make someone do solution on their own without much experience is very difficult. I will definitely try another iteration of this workshop in my last semester of studies. You can find some materials on my website at
    •  I have organized a Crytek Black Sea presentation in my university that turnedout to be very successful. I intended to arrange another presentation from Game Dev company in Bulgaria this semester.
    •  I gave XNA programming presentation including live demo in which I animateda sprite in 10 minutes. Small article can be read on CSSU blog
  • Leadership and initiative
    •  Currently I am involved in a project for Imagine Cup As of the moment I have nothing to show but I hope b ythe end of the year to have a working prototype.
    •  I have been part of CSSU (Computer Science Student Union)( from its start and I am currently integral part of it.CSSU is involved in weekly presentation on computer science and IT topics inAmerican University in Bulgaria. I consider the experience that I have gotten from organizing presentations and fighting with the administration as invaluable.


  • Gaming of course
  •  Role-playing games
  •  Skateboarding and snowboarding
  •  Quality novels
  •  Music
  •  Playing drums (practising very rarely nowadays)


I use Java in my studies in Germany for doing homeworks. Being very close to C# I had no problems to use it.
I have used Python for UserInterface project on a n95 Nokia phone.
C# Programming with XNA
I have been using C# extensively with XNA for prototyping small stuff in the last 1-2 years.
Lua gameplay and UI programming
Haemimont games is using extensively Lua scripting language for building its gameplay and UI logic. I did not know Lua before starting the job. One book about Lua and 3 months in beta has hooned my Lua skills to a very high level.