Zammurad Shaheen

Objective:                                                                       To enhance my professional abilities,     knowledge and skills by working in a  dynamic and reputable organization,where  my knowledge and skills are fully utilized.

Work experience

Work experience

Vice Principal

Feb 2013 - Aug 2013
The Educators School System
  • Responsible for the supervision and general discipline of his/her section.
  • Allocate duties after discussing and determining duties with the Principal staff so that the spirit of mutual goodwill and co-operation will prevail in school.
  • Convince staff meetings regularly to maintain a high level of communication in his/her section.
  • Reporting of all cases of teacher absence and work with the Principal to arrange for any necessary substitute teacher to replace the teacher temporarily absent from duty.
  • Authority to realese any teacher from duty prior to end of the operational day for that operational day but should notify the Principal of all such intances.
  • Teaching students of classes from v to x in a way that they fully understand what is being taught to them.

Teacher,senior section

Mar 2005 - Nov 2011
Grammar Public School
  • Prepare lessons,making them as interesting as possible.
  • Prepare homework,assignments and assessments.
  • Research information to ensure the knowledge they impart is current.
  • Mark homework and pieces of assessment.
  • Identify the needs of students in their classes and work on each child.
  • Prepare resources for the classroom.
  • Confer with students over their work.
  • Assist children to learn,not judge their inability to learn.
  • Identify mental, intellectual, physical e.t.c, issues which may be hindering the students.



May 2003 - Jun 2004
Punjab University

Masters in sicology.


Aug 1999 - Jan 2003
University College of Educatio

Bachelor of Education in general science.