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ZAkkery Reznicsek


Sep 2012Jun 2013

Highschool diploma

Clackamas community college

I finished highschool by doubling up on highschool and college my senior year.

Work experience

Oct 2014Dec 2014


Receiving orders from online, locating the items in a warehouse and problem solving when there is an error in the system. At this job I often walked up to 30 miles a day.

Feb 2014Sep 2014

Customer service representative

Alorica inc.

I answered telephones for a major internet provider. This was a competitive sales job disguised as a customer service job. Customers would often call in enraged about their service and it was my job to gain control of the conversation, resolve their issue, and then try to sell them something. At this job I learned the power of a smile and how such a simple thing can change the way customers feel about their entire day.

Oct 2012Aug 2013

Cook (Back of House)

Panda Express

I prepared food quickly and efficiently while maintaining a clean work space for myself and others and serving customers when I was finished cooking and cleaning. This job taught me a lot of preparation  and efficiency.


  • I learn things quickly, and I am very good at problem solving for the things I do not know. While  I am very independent I have no problem knowing when to ask questions and which questions to ask. 
  • I am a natural leader however this skill was strengthened by:
    • Being a youth staff at my youth group, managing  several teenagers every Wednesday .
    • Being a member of student government at my college.
Computer skills
  • Microsoft: Word, Excell, PowerPoint, One note etc.
  • Apple: Pages, keynote, iMovie, Logic Pro, Final cut etc.
  • Adobe: Premier pro, Photoshop etc.