Zakariya mohammed mohssen

Zakariya mohammed mohssen

 mechanical  engineer 

Education and Qualifications

Graduation of engineering college of Basra  mechanical department

Employment history

خبرة في العمل

now my working as coordinator in " DQDC daqing drilling company / cemantic groups

working  (HSE) supervisor in the " BHDC Bohai engineering   / drilling company –Rig  04-

working Longley time like labor pusher in the "Rig 32" and it given to me the skills to directly  handling with many tools and  machines during the work .

have the conception for many tools using in the oil filed drilling

- have the experience for the safety rules

- have  attempt with nationality company for national  active service



I have the ability to talking by " English " and " Persian"  language and the mother language " Arabic "

I have the ability to using many computer program specially  " Word " and " Excel "  .

Leisure interests 

Interest in reading books and learning new programs in the world of computer and follow-up to the world economic news