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To obtain a position in a challenging and stimulating environment where my background knowledge of business will help me grow and enhance my competences and skills for the benefit of the institution I am working with.

Personal information:

  • Date of Birth: August 30, 1990.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Nationality: Jordanian.

خبرة في العمل

Mar 2012Jun 2015

Sound Engineer

Works with the mechanics of recording, mixing, and producing sound with the technical and the mechanical aspects of music and sound.

Umniah belong

Dec 2014Feb 2015


Data entry and archive contracts.

Sep 2014Jan 2015

Trainee value-added service

In the marketing department (Value Added Services)

Feb 2014Feb 2015

Youth Unit Agent

Represented Umniah at all its events by promoting and ushering activities and help the point of sale selling Umniah services and help the internal sales tasks with different departments In addition to selling new lines and products.

Khalid Photo Center

Aug 2010Dec 2010

Photo Editor

Photoshop editor.

Nov 2009Feb 2010

Assistant Cameraman

Prepare the equipment that camera operators use to shoot scenes and work in the production of television news, and documentaries. prepare lighting equipment in preparation for shoots.


Tariq ibn Ziyad


High school



Good Writing, Reading and Speaking (Acquired Language).


Fluent Writing, Reading and Speaking (Mother Tongue).


Microsoft Office (Excel, power point and word) and Good user and searcher at Internet.
Time management
Attention to detail
Able to take responsibility
Team Player
Open minded and non-judgmental
Able to work under pressure


  • Gain a certificate from Umniah Company for "business writing and Emails".
  • Gain a Certificate from Umniah in “communication skills”.
  • Gained best achiever.
  • Gained the CEO club award.
  • Gained a recommendation letter from Umniah company.
  • Valid driving license.