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Work experience

Technical Solution Architect


Responsible for translating the client's business requirements into specific sub-system or process designs. This includes working with client personnel and executives to identify functional requirements and subsequently working with and leading others in the identification, justification and design of the Technical Solution document.

Tec.Skills:  Perl Programming, TUAM System Specialist, UNIX-AIX, Virtualization, System Integration using Perl , Unix System Performance Tunning.

Jun 2009Present

Infrastrucuture Specialist


Responsible for achieve the company´s business requirements into specific sub-system or process designs and manager the demands for technical team on datacenters across Brazil and services providers as well.

Support and co-ordinate UNIX team on datacenters to be updated with PCI certification and business orientation

Mar 2007May 2009

System Archtect - Team Leader

Unisys Corporation

Primary responsibilities:  Manage Open System support area in Brazil, US and India.

Insightful and result driven actions will have a notable success directing a broad range of IT initiatives, while analyzing and implementing solutions in support of business objectives. Participate of the team responsable for implement the  best practical based on ITIL, including Performance, Availability, Continuity, Levels of Service, Problems and Incidents, Configuration and Change Management.

Technical responsabilities: Unix, Veritas, SUN Server Hardware, EMC and SUN Storage, Performed high level planning, design and architecture work, in addition to operational and technical support tasks. Worked with EMC Symetrix and SUN Storage Arrays, Brocade SAN switch configuration and troubleshooting,Veritas Netbackup. Supported users and servers in data center and at remote locations. Made immediate technical decisions that had an impact on the business. Performed project management tasks such as project planning and project team lead duties as part of larger project efforts. Experienced with Unix Server Administration SUN Server Hardware, EMC and SUN Storage,  StorageTek tape libraries. Wrote and debugged scripts in Bash/Korn Shell to start/stop system services, for Solaris 8, 9, and 10, for applications such as Oracle 9i and 10gAS, BEA Weblogic, and Apache. Improved server security by upgrading SSH from vendor supplied versions to Tectia commercial version, and by writing scripts to remove old users based on automated usage reports. Improved security by analyzing needed services and turning off unused services and installing host based firewall software. Used Sun Jumpstart to install several database servers. Managed dynamic DNS databases for application servers in a DMZ environment. Managed, upgraded, secured Samba services running on Solaris servers.  Worked with several DBA's to help resolve performance issues and do Oracle 10g installs on new machines. Monitored and managed server processes for DBA's, restarting down services, debugging and troubleshooting them in real time, as needed. Performed database backups and restores as needed. Reset 100's of user accounts whose passwords had timed out, created scores of new accounts for developers, DBA's, and other administrators. Used Remedy ticketing system to handle and route tickets appropriately as needed. Managed Unix file system permissions to allow DBA's to work in groups using Samba shares. Performed server room cable management. Worked with Sun FE to replace many broken Sun components, including disks, CPU's, fiber channel cables.

Dec 2006Mar 2007

System Integration Consultant

Ericsson do Brasil

Tech Leader for the team to apply anti-fraude sytems at Vivo Telecom.

Installed RedHat (Linux) with Nagios and SNMP to monitor system performance and uptime of critical infrastructure Windows, Solaris, Redhat servers, Cisco switches and routers. Repaired Redhat server hardware. Acted to troubleshoot. reverse engineer and migrate internal solutions to the new anti-fraude systems. Installed, configured, monitored. repaired backups using TSM Backup software and hardware. Installed and configured new storage solutions to help ease critical storage shortfalls. Implemented a secure offsite-storage solution that mirrors the backup device using Samba/NFS, Ssh, and Rsync. Wrote Bash scripts to automate backup of NAS devices that could not run TSMbackup agents. Automated startup/shutdown of the anti-fraude systems.

Jan 2005Dec 2006

Unix system Administrator


Assist in the administration of multiplatform, mid-sized group midrange computing systems; perform a variety of systems administration tasks including: backup (perform, implement automate, monitor), restoration, installation (operating system setup and configuration, application setup and configuration, hardware connection and configuration) maintenance, monitoring, documentation, programming, security and communication with customers and team members; as database administrator, assist in administration of d Oracle relational database management systems; perform installations, configurations and upgrades of server software and related projects; maintain sound backup and recovery policies and procedures; implement/maintain database security; work with vendors to secure application related technical support and perform upgrades. Improved system security and availability by automating Solaris and AIX patch installation and customized startup scripts. Improved system configuration management by implementing Solaris Jumpstart and VLAM Linux/AIX based and using it to create a consistent, secure application development environment that is much simpler to maintain and understand.  Lead the virtualization  project with AIX on a P570 series using VLAM concepts for and monitor file system integrity and ease maintenance of a centralized file system store. Implemented host based firewalls using ipfilter to greatly enhance security of data center systems.

Jan 2001Jan 2005

Data Center Analyst

Grupo o Estado de São Paulo

Supported a 24-hour a day, 7 day a week national enterprise environment with over 4,000 users. 70 developers and 50 software packages including UNICENTER TNG, CA Software Deliver, TSM. Installed, implemented and maintained the enterprise multi-zone DNS scheme, two firewalls, all Netscape servers, and a Unicenter server. Performed all system administration duties including managing  tape libraries, users and day-to-day issues associated with UNIX, TSM and TNG .

Accomplishments: • Developed policies, procedures and system requirements for the UNIX platforms that are now used corporate wide and distributed to all UNIX hosts. • Managed the introduction of TCP/IP used on all the corporate hosts including Windows System based. This project included upgrading product and organizing testing with developers and database administrators. • Planned, installed, and administered complex projects for a news and communication company based on ERP and Data Exchange with financial companies

Jan 1993Jan 2001

Unix Specialist

Work Business
  • Supervising multiple Projects at Design, Development, Implementation, Production support and Trainning level.
  • Telesp Celular  Data Center Billing for pre-paid mobile system team Leader of Tecnical Analysts, responsable to implement the automation scripts, backup polices and procedures for production area and OS configuration for the billing system.
  • Embratel Assisting Software Architecture and Design Reviews procedures to migrate the Engineer Systems fro AIX to Solaris. Task developed locally during one year at IBM labs around US.
  • Brahma Part of Company level Best Practices and Architecture Group for downsizing project le. Primarily responsible for strategy formation, adoption and training of AIX technology and scripting , design, execution and control to increase the overall productivity of system migrated from mainframes to Unix based servers (AIX and Solaris 6)
  • Successfully supervised A to Zee the " ready-to-go" of  all servers at entire telesp (State Telecom Company) to be compliant wih the partners and providers for the Y2K issue. Supervisor of a 38 team member around the state.
Oct 1988Jan 1993

System Analyst


Started as a trainee supporting tools developed for Unix System based.

Support for customers, trainning, pre-sales activities



Team Builder
Successful track record of taking over or creating organizations with existing personnel.  Utilizing inherited human resources to their maximum potential or hiring correct personnel to fill in strategic gaps.  Organizations managed have been built around communications, process and an unified shared goals that matches individual goals with company/organization goals.  
Infrastructure Architecture
Architected environments ranging from Microsoft-Centric environments to large scale Unix environment running on AIX,HP-UX, Tru64, Linux and Solaris.  Experience in, but not limited to:   Intel {x86} Architecture Unix Architecture Storage Architecture Virtualization {vPar, Lpar}   Major Vendors: IBM, Dell, HP, EMC, HDS, SUN
UNIX operational system
Managed UNIX  environments, including system upgrades, performance tuning and problem resolution. Wrote various scripts to automate system management tasks. Installed, configured, upgraded and provided user training for third-party software, including TCP/IP , Clustering and High Availability applications, NFS, NIS, DNS, e-mail, and web services. Experience integrating various platforms and operating systems. Proficiency in multiple 'flavors' of Unix operating systems including Solaris, Linux, SunOS, AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, BSDI. Proficiency in writing shell scripts and automation of business processes using Perl, Bourne shell, TCL/TK and awk. Excellent ability to write, debug and modify C programs as well as Perl.

Certifications and Courses

Ilustrated Skills

My experience and skills as a Senior System Administrator  in problem solving, information services and my achievements span my entire career, but I would like to mention a few representative contributions to illustrate some of the skills and abilities I also have to offer

Planning, designing, implementing and managing of data centers.

Defining standards and implement automation tools to expedite service and maintain quality.

Demonstrated success leading large complex projects and organizations.

Measuring the performance of all services against agreed upon key performance indicators and Service Level Agreements.

Planning, designing and implementing of a global IT infrastructure.

Planning and designing redundant data center operations for business continuity/sustainability.

Project Management for various data center moves, consolidation and out-sourcing projects

Language Skills

Portuguese - Native speaker

Fluency in English

Suitable reading and comprehension in Spanish and French, intermediate speaking skills


Senior System Administrator, with 20 years of experience in UNIX and TCP/IP. Excellent problem solving, troubleshooting, and creative resolution skills. More than 13 years experience working on both independent and team projects. More than 6 years managing multi-OS networks based on UNIX and 4 years experience in managing, supporting, and maintaining reliable IT services and network communication server for various national and international business locations.

Graduated in Math by UNIP and post graduated in business management by the Business School São Paulo, work with UNIX since the 90's specializing in AIX, Solaris and Linux acting as a consultant on projects for national and international datacenters for high-criticality-based on multiflavors of UNIX. Worked as Tech Leader managing  teams in the U.S., Brazil and India on Linux, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX projects, for clients such American Express, California State University among others