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Zain Wahab

Seeking a career opportunity in the field of education in a challenging work environment, where my education, expertise and practical experiences will benefit me grow and succeed


Jan 2013Jun 2016

Bachelors in Accounting and Finance

Institute of Business Administration

CGPA: 3.25

Aug 2010Jul 2012


The Lyceum School

Majors: Accounts, Math and Economics

Aug 2008Jul 2010


The Karachi Cambridge School

Work experience



Freelancer — Freelancing My extensive and practical knowledge in Accounting and Finance has allowed me to freelance in these subjects. Moreover, the various teaching experiences also make me better at what I do.
Jan 2015Dec 2016

Teacher's Assistant ( 2 years)

Institute of Business Administration

Due to my good communication skills, excellent academic performance,good grades in subjects relating to accounting and law,I was appointed as the teacher's assistant for the subjects of Accounting,Taxation,Financial Reporting, Law and Auditing.

Duties include: 

  • Assisting and helping the teacher with assignments and quizzes 
  • Helping the professor with the course outline 
  • Research and Analysis on different topics related to Accounting and Law. 
  • Teaching students different courses such as Principals or Accounting, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting and Adv Managerial Accounting.

This experience has given me first hand knowledge regarding the practical applications of Accounting,Taxation,Financial Reporting, Law and Auditing in  Pakistan. It has also added a great deal to my knowledge regarding accounting, audits and business/corporate law. Moreover, I have been able to enhance my statistical and analytic skills through this experience.  This experience also helped me improve my communication skills and has given me the ability to make students understand the course better.

Courses that I taught ( Multiple Sections):

  1. Principal of Accounting 
  2. Financial Accounting
  3. Management  Accounting
  4. Advance Management  Accounting
  5. Business Law
  6. Taxation
  7. Advance taxation
  8. Financial Reporting
  9. Auditing
  10. Advance Auditing

Teachers I taught under :

  1. Haroon Tabraze
  2. Sharjeel Hasnie
  3. Mohsin Patel
  4. Aslam Murad
  5. Asif Jaffer
Jun 2012Jul 2013

Assistant Manager

GM Belarus Tractor Co.

My passion to learn and curiosity about the practical world, led me to enter the workforce after graduating high school. I started working thorugh helping my father with the family business.

The first hand practical experience gave me a lot of insight about behavior at a workplace. It helped me understand the importance of teamwork and also enhace my internal/external and horzintal/vertical/diagonal communication. 

Jan 2010Aug 2012

Social Internship

Dur-ul-Sukun and The Lyceum School

Community services and welfare workplace gives an individual broader perspective about the world and people around him that was what I had always heard. I experienced it though, when I served these institutions. 

It helped me understand my potential and bring out the philanthropist in me. 

My task was to help the special cases in the Dar ul Sukun, while in The Lyceum School I taught less privileged kids from Machar Colony and other less developed areas.  

Jun 2011Jul 2011

Horizon Technologies

Horizon Technologies

— Internee to obtain basic understanding about technology and software, I interned at Horizon Technologies. It helped me add to my technological skills.


Interpersonal Communication

Through various courses on communication,teaching 60+ students at the same time and answering their queries for 2 years, I have been able to enhance my communication and presenting skills.

Statistical Data Handling

My interest in subjects of Mathematics and Economics, as well as my courses in A levels and University allows me have a good hold on statistical data handling. 

Financial Modelling

The nature of my degree requires me to have skills like Financial Modelling, as half of my degree consists of courses of Finance.

MS Office

I have good command on MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel. Taken courses in University and ended up with good grades. Also being an Accounting and Finance majors one cannot survive without the use of MS office.


Sep 2014Jun 2015

Campus Co-ordinator of The IBA Adventure Club

Institute Of Business Administration, Karachi
Aug 2010Jul 2012

Chess Competitions 

Lyceum School and other Private Organization

I have always been a chess enthusiast, which is what make me so good at it.  


  • Corporate Finance                       
  • Security Analysis
  • Fixed income Investments 
  • Financial and Adv Financial Reporting
  • Adv Taxation
  • Adv Managerial Accounting
  • Investment Banking
  • Treasury and Funds Management
  • Derivatives
  • Corporate Governance
  • Adv Auditing
  • Corporate law