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Seeking an opportunity to work with an organization that will provide a platform to utilize my
technical skills and enrich my knowledge to help in the process of organizational and self-growth


Aug 2013Aug 2017

B.Sc Electrical Engineering

Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering (UET Taxila)

CGPA : 3.5/4

Aug 2010Jun 2012

HSSC Pre-Engineering

Islamabad Model College For Boys G-11/1

1st Division

Aug 2008Jun 2010

SSC Science

Islamabad Model College For Boys G-11/1

1st Division


  • Microprocessor & Computer Architecture: Designed RISC Microprocessor with 14 instructions on Verilog HDL simulation and FPGA Spartan 3 kit
  • Digital Design: Designed automatic traffic light controller with multiple operating modes on bread board with logic gates along with simulation on Verilog HDL and implementation on FPGA Spartan 3 kit
  • Artificial Intelligence: 4 Wheel robot with speed control using PID controller and Particle Filtering inspired self made localization algorithm for known field
  • Object oriented programming: Real time color detection on c# using OpenCV
  • Embedded Systems: 3 Floor elevator model with speed control using PID controller ,LCD and button interfacing implemented on PIC18f4520 micro controller
  • Digital Signal Processing: Real time color detection and tracking in Matlab
  • Networking: Enterprise Network Design on Cisco Packet tracer
  • C Programming: 2 player console football game
  • Electric Circuit: Power Supply with following voltages +5v,-5v,+12v,-12v and 1-12v and 3A current

Final Year Project

Friendly Forces Tracking and Enemy Reporting System

Project Supervisor : Professor Dr. Shoab Ahmed Khan (CEO CARE)

Project Summary:
This project is inspired by the Blue Force Tracking system developed by the US Army.In tracking part location of deployed soldiers is tracked along with their pulse rate using commercially off the shelf components while in reporting part an android app is made in which user can report an enemy position or watch all the reported locations.

Project Description:

  • Establish Mobile Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) with Sink node as control room and End nodes as soldiers
  • Make Geographic Information System (GIS) using Google map API on C# with Visual Studio to show locations of Solders and their health status
  • GPS is used for location tracking and Pulse Sensor is used for pulse rate
  • pulse rate is extracted from raw sensor data via Digital Signal Processing algorithm
  • Integration of GIS with WSN Nodes for real time location and pulse rate tracking
  • Enemy Reporting system consists of Android App to report enemy location by pressing enemy location on GIS
  • Reported Locations can be viewed in android app
  • Web socket server is made in C# for android app communication
  • Clustering Algorithm is implemented on reported locations for making probable and noise model


  • Managerial Skills: Project Management
  • Programming Skills: C, C++, C#, Java, Verilog HDL, python, node.js, parallel programming with cuda-c and MPI
  • Hardware: Fpga,Embedded systems, Sensors interfacing
  • Tools : Matlab, Xilinx ISE Design, MP lab , Multisim, Proteus, Arduino, Visual Studio, Android Studio, Linux Ubuntu, MS Office

Awards and achievements

  • Achieved Distinctions
  • Received Merit Scholarships 


Football, Cricket, Tennis, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing,Music,Movies,Coin collecting,Android Application development


  • Responsible and sincere
  • Research/critical thinking
  • Result oriented
  • Hard working


    Will be furnished upon request