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Seeking for an opportunity to work with an organization that will provide a platform to utilize my
technical skills and enrich my knowledge to help in the process of organizational and self-growth



  • Microprocessor & Computer Architecture: Microprocessor with 14 instructions on verilog simulation and Fpga Spartan 3 kit
  • Digital Logic Design: Automatic traffic signal controller with 3 modes, Implemented on bread board and Fpga Spartan 3 kit
  • Programing in C: 2 player console football game
  • Object oriented programming: Real time color detection using webcam on c#
  • Electric Circuit Analysis: Variable Power Supply
  • Electronics: 30 Watt Class B power amplifier 
  • Embedded Systems: 3 Floor elevator with speed control ,LCD and button interfacing implemented on PIC18f4520 micro controller
  • Digital Signal Processing: Real time color detection and tracking in Matlab



C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners


Robotics and SSL Vision

Case Robotics Group

Awards and achievements

  • Achieved Distinctions
  • Received Merit Scholarships 


  • Responsible and sincere
  • Research/critical thinking
  • Decision-making
  • Result oriented
  • Hard working


Football, Cricket, Tennis, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing,Music,Movies,Coin collecting,Android Application development


  • Managerial Skills: Project Management
  • Programming Skills: C, C++, C#, Java, Verilog
  • Engineering: Fpga,Embedded systems, Sensors interfacing
  • Circuit Design Suites: Multisim, Proteus
  • Software: Xilinx ISE Design,Matlab,MP lab , Arduino, Visual Studio, Android Studio, MS Office