Name : Zain Ahmed Mohammed Awais

Personal Information

ID Number : 2941107213555
Address: 9 Abdel Fattah El Qady El Taawn - Faisal


2012 - 2014

Faculty of Law Helwan University

2014 - 2015

Faculty of Commerce Cairo University

Summary of Experiences

خبرة في العمل

job title : Seller

Company Name : AND1
Casual Menswear
2011 - 2012

job title : Seller

Company Name : Tie Houes
Casual Menswear - Classic Menswear
2012 - 2013

job title : Seller

Company Name : Ston Island
Casual Menswear - Classic menswear - Casual Women's Wear
2015 - 2013

 job title : Seller - Supervisor

Company Name : Thirty Three
Casual Women's Wear - Casual Menswear

Summary of Qualifications

  • .Experience of 4 years with the ability to work effectively under pressure
  •  The ability to learn from the most experienced and the organization, training and development of skills and talent vendors and assistants least experience
  • Understand customer requirements and provide all necessary to serve them and appease them
  • Consolidate and improve the way of dealing with customers and transfer of views and proposals of the customer management
  • Composition of personal vision and share it with the manager and listen to his instructions
  • Research work on customer service and raise the level of public service of the place