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I am an energetic ambitious person who is always willing to learn more and having new experiences. I like team work and I love working with students and children. 


Mar 2013Mar 2013


Amerikan Kultur Dil Okullari (Istanbul - Turkey) 

learned how to manage the class better, engage all the students ,

creative teaching and time management 

Dec 2007Jul 2012

BA in English Language and Literature

Shahid Beheshti University (Tehran - Iran)

related coursework: 

English and American Literature , Linguistics ,  Teaching English as a second language

Essay writing, Translating documents ....

Sep 1998Apr 2005

English Diploma

Soroush Language School (Sanandaj - Iran)

Learned to speak English fluently.

Work experience

Oct 2015Jan 2016

English  Teacher

 Language Center of Shahid Beheshti University 

Teaching American English File books to university students. A good experience in an academic circumstance. Trying to make  the conversation sessions creative and boosting the students attendance.

Sep 2014Apr 2015

English Teacher

Amerikan Kultur dil okullar — (Istanbul-Turkey)

Teaching junior(Welcome Plus) and adult groups(New English File). Preparing reading ,and listening  material and trying to plan the lessons in the most efficient way to meet students goals.  Making new games and activities for junior groups. 

Nov 2014Apr 2015

English Tutor

Masal Anaokulu(Istanbul-Turkey) 

Teaching English to groups of 2, 3, 4, and 5 years old in kindergarten.  A very great experience with kids , learning to be more specific and creative  and move with kids pace of learning, Beside teaching English I tried to teach team work and friendship through different activities

Oct 2014Oct 2014


4th World Martial Art Festival Oct 2014 (Istanbul-Turkey)

English-Turkish-Farsi interpreter(24th - 28th October of 2014). 

Sep 2013Dec 2013

English Teacher and Tutor

Tercih Koleji (Istanbul - Turkey)

Kindergarten tutor and primary school English teacher. Teaching  English through cartoons and pictures and narrating stories. 

Feb 2013Aug 2013

English Teacher

Amerikan Kultur dil okullar — (Istanbul-Turkey)

Teaching adult and junior groups, adult and junior private lessons, and conversation clubs. First working experience in a foreign country which was very interesting for me , learning many new methods and ways to teach, preparing conversation club materials and managing free discussion sessions.

Jan 2012Jul 2012

English Teacher

Iranmehr Language School (Tehran-Iran)

Teaching adult(American English File) and junior(Hip Hip Hooray) groups and private lessons.Preparing materials for junior group and teaching through stories.

Jan 2012Jun 2012

English Teacher

Salam High school(Tehran-Iran)

Teaching English to high school students and learning that the most important thing in working with teenagers is to be able to manage them at the same time that they do not want to be managed.

Jul 2009Sep 2009


Shabahang Publication 

Translating Color theory by Jose Maria Parramon from English to Farsi.

Dec 2007Jul 2009


Gutenberg Pulication

Translating several books  from English to Farsi which some of them have been published such as: Science is discovering(volume 4 and 5) The joy of drawing.

Nov 2008Dec 2008


Yasavoli publication

Translating Watercolor by Duane R. Light from English  to Farsi.

Jul 2005Sep 2005

English Teacher

Sorush Language School (Sanandaj-Iran)

Teaching English to junior groups(Start). 


  • Time management  , 
  • Patience 
  • Creative
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • PC user skills
  • Internet user skills 
  • English (Advanced) I studied my bachelor degree in English.
  • Turkish (advanced) I lived in Turkey for three years and I have worked in different places .
  • French (Beginner ) I studied for a short time and i was in France for three month .


  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Art and making handcrafts 
  • Cooking
  • Reading
  • Photography


References available upon request.