I am Zaheer Hassan Siddiqui, a third year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Technology in Engineering Physics at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India.



Courses completed/pursuing

Engineering Physics Courses : PHL 100 - Electromagnetic Waves and Quantum Mechanics, PHP 100 – Physics Laboratory, PYP 111 – Engineering Physics LabI,PYP 212 – Engineering Physics Lab II, PYP 221 - Engineering Physics Lab III, PYL 111 – Electrodynamics, PYL 112 – Quantum Mechanics,  PYL 113 - Mathematical Physics, PYL 114 – Solid State Physics,  PYL 115 -  Applied Optics, PYL 116 – Elements of Material Processing, PYL 201 – Fundamentals of Dielectrics and Semiconductors, PYL 203 – Classical Mechanics and Relativity,

Mathematics Courses : MAL 100 – Calculus, MAL 101 - Linear Algebra and Differential Equation

Electrical Engineering Courses : EEL 100 - Introduction to Electrical Engineering, ELL 201 – Digital Electronics, ELL 205 – Signals and Systems

Computer Science Course : CSL 100 - Introduction to Computer Science

Academic Projects/ Term Paper

Mini Crane

  • Course project that works on hydraulic car jack
  • Can be used in enclosed places to move up to 30kg objects
  • Successfully implemented in central workshop at IIT Delhi

Multilevel Car Park System

  • Designed in summer holidays as a part of manufacturing course
  • Based on the principle of pulley system and uses motors
  • It has multiple exits that can park up to 6 cars simultaneously
  • Future plan is to implement it with arduino and make it automated

Simple Differential Drive Robot

  • Built in workshop conducted by robotics club of IIT Delhi and it runs through a wire controller
  • Used Double Pole Double Throw switches, IC and 4 relays to drive 2 motors

Devised a circuit using 555 timer to vary the speed of motors as per requirement in an electrical project

Built a small Remote Controlled Airplane with a range of 15m in Aeromodelling Club

Presented a Term Paper on ‘ Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm and Hardware Implementation ’ and also gave a presentation for the Physics Department on ‘ Blue LED’s ’


Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore (15 May - 9 July)

  • Reproduced William Herschel’s model of the galaxy
  • Simulated Bright Star Catalogue using OriginLab and GNU Plot software
  • Wrote a research paper on the same

Lab Work/Experiments

Study of Laser Diffraction, Determining wavelength with Michelson Interferometer and doublet wavelength in Interferometry, Reflection Coefficient and Refractive Index in Fresnel’s Set up, Measuring resistivity by Four Probe Method and determining energy band gap in Electrical Transport I, Study about p-n Junction Diode and Plancks’s constant, X-ray diffraction, Determining Hall Coefficient in Electrical Transport II, Magnetic Field of paired coils in Helmholtz Arrangement, Learning High Vacuum and Thin Film Deposition by Thermal Evaporation method, Study of He-Ne Laser, Spatial Filtering, Study of B-H Curve and electron spectroscopy.

Work experience

Work experience
May 2015 - May 2016


National Service Scheme, IIT Delhi

 In my secretary tenure I am handling :

  • Music Masti, Sahas, Rural Exposure Trips and 
  • Jamghat - Distributing blankets in winters near Jama Masjid in Delhi to poor and needy.
May 2014 - May 2015


National Service Scheme ( NSS ), IIT Delhi

It is to motivate students at IITD to indulge in nation building activities through various events and projects. I was handling below mentioned projects:

  • Music Masti – Teaching vocals and guitar to slum kids and making their future.
  • Sahas – Working for betterment of physically challenged students inside campus
  • Rural Exposure Trip – To provide exposure to students and make them aware of problems in rural areas  and solve them technically.
Feb 2015 - Mar 2015

Activity Head, Accommodation

Tryst - Annual Technical Festival, IIT Delhi
  • Worked with 3 colleagues, 3 coordinators and 15 volunteers to invite, manage stay and travel of 400 participants from various colleges across India.
  • Collaborated with the Hospitality, Security and various other teams as the centre point of contact during the festival to look after the needs of participants.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Organised National level Aeromodelling competition in IIT Delhi for Boeing 
  • Volunteer in various social projects like :   Munirka Teaching Project – Teaching board curriculum to kids of munirka slum region and Old Age Home Project – For taking care of old people
  • Volunteer in surveying and implementing in Liter Of Light project which scatters sunlight in dark rooms and has been installed in nearby slums and comes under Social Innovation Cell of National Service Scheme of IIT Delhi 
  • Attended talks on relativity, space and time travel, galaxy formation and evolution in Annual Astronomy Fest conducted by Astronomy club of IIT Delhi




Microsoft Office, Autodesk Inventor, Adobe Photoshop, Audacity, Quartus, Origin, GNU Plot


Python, SML, java( Basics)

Other Interests

Reading Novels, Comics ,Physics Books and Astronomy articles, Listening Music and Singing, Playing Computer
Games, Playing Guitar, Palm reading, horoscopes and psychic reading in astrology.