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Honors & Awards

Life Scholarship

The Legislative Incentive for Future Excellence (LIFE) Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship program administered by the financial aid office at each eligible public and independent college and university in South Carolina.  The LIFE Scholarship may be used towards the cost of attendance for up to eight terms based on the student's initial college enrollment date.  Students must be enrolled in their first one-year program, first associate’s degree, first two-year program leading to a baccalaureate degree, first baccalaureate degree, or first professional degree.

Student Government Association Scholarship

This award is given to the residing Student Body President from the advisor of Student Government.


Greetings,  my name is Zykeedric Free and Im an upcoming freshman at one of the most top liberal institution, College of Charleston. I am from the small country town of Blair, SC. My major is Chemistry with a minor in either Math or Biology.


Aug 2009Present

College of Charleeston

At the College of Charleston, I planned to work hard and have a steady mind at receiveing a degree in Chemistry. Even though the Sciences at the College is a very tough department to take partake in, I will dedicate my time in striving to be in the top.


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