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Spanish Language
I spent the Fall semester of 2012 studying abroad at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I studied Spanish language and culture and lived with a Spanish host family. Living with a host family means near total immersion in Spanish culture and little chance to revert to the English language. My host mother spoke only Spanish and Catalan, the regional language of the Catalonian Autonomy. This along with my studies allowed me to gain a strong conversational knowledge of Spanish. I gained an invaluable insight into Spanish life which in-turn provided me with insight into my own.
Video Story-Telling:   Experienced at setting up and conducting interviews designed to enhance and build upon print stories. This means offering a different angle or perspective than that presented by the print reporter. My current position requires me to film and produce video stories on a weekly basis. I have been using IMovie to produce my videos, but I am currently learning to use Final Cut Pro as well.   Reporting:   Skilled writer and tenacious reporter with strong knowledge of AP style. Solid news judgement and an unwavering commitment to the public good. Able to work under deadline.   Programs and Tools that I use:   Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe InDesign Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power Point IMovie, Final Cut Pro, Garage Band, Audacity   Popular blog platforms such as Word Press and Tumblr   And of course social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.
Pure Programming Languages: Java and Python   Mark Up / Web Programing Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, J-Query   Currently Learning: Ruby

Work experience

Jan 2013May 2013

Multimedia Intern

The Daily Hampshire Gazette

I interned for the online desk at the Daily Hampshire Gazette in Northampton, Massachusetts. I helped to enrich the user experience of by providing multimedia content to accompany print stories. My main focus was on producing video, but I also handled the production of the Gazette's weekly sports podcast. This position allowed me to develop my multimedia skills; but more importantly it forced me to tell stories in new and interesting ways with a web audience in mind. I may not have had access to the most glamorous equipment, but I certainly learned what it takes to tell multimedia stories, and that's what really counts.

My multimedia stories were designed to supplement the print stories they accompanied. I worked with reporters to plan and develop my stories. I was responsible for orchestrating and conducting interviews, framing the story outside of the work done by the print reporter, shooting the video and of course editing and producing.

Jan 2012May 2012

SGA Beat Reporter

The Massachusetts Daily Collegian

I covered the Student Government Association (SGA) and all of its dealings on campus. It was a little mundane at times, but these representatives protect the rights of students and act as their voice. What is more important than that?As the SGA beat reporter I was responsible for building relationships with sources both inside and out of the student senate in order to provide comprehensive coverage of issues that directly affected the livelihood and well being of undergraduate students at UMass.

Sep 2010May 2012

Reporter & Columnist

The Massachusetts Daily Collegian

I began my career at the Collegian as a columnist, but soon moved to covering hard news. These positions provided me with a solid foundation in writing and reporting the news. I like to think of it as an incubator for my career because I entered as an inexperienced kid with an interest in writing, and emerged as a practiced journalist with a passion for news.

Sep 2011Dec 2011

Online Desk Intern

The Springfield Republican

I worked for the online desk at the Republican Daily News in Springfield and mainly wrote for the accompanying website, (although several of my stories did make it into print). My duties varied greatly from day-to-day and were often dictated by that day's events. This position gave me experience reporting on the ground, recording multi-media pieces and with online community engagement. I produced many stories on deadline and generally pitched in wherever I was needed.What I enjoyed most about the position was the opportunity it provided me to engage and interact with readers on a daily basis through the web. If a certain topic or story was generating high traffic, I would read through the user comments and aggregate the best comments into a new post. I always attempted to showcase multiple informed points of view on a topic in order to continue the conversation and spur more comments. These posts ended up becoming quite popular, and a few even garnered more traffic than the original stories. In my opinion, the ability for readers to directly interact with writers is one of the most exciting prospects presented by online journalism.


Sep 2009May 2013

Bachelors of Science

The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Major Journalism

Minor Information Technology

Dean's List

Cum Laude

UMass provided me with the knowledge and expertise that I will need to continue with my professional life after graduation. The considerable resources available to journalism students allowed me to gain experience in many fields of journalism, including both print and multimedia. I would not be where I am today if it weren't for the professors, faculty and students that I came into contact with during the course of my studies.

Abridged Course History:

  • Intro to Problem Solving w/ Computers (Java) (121)
  • Programming w/ Data Structures (Java) (187)
  • S-Intro to PGMG (Python) (191P)
  • Intro to Multimedia Reporting (301)
  • S-Web Design (394W)
  • ST-Multimedia Journalism (397G)
  • ST-Entrepreneurial Journalism (397EJ)
  • ST-Intro Digital Photojrnalism (397P)
  • Journalism Ethics (460)

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