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Welcome to my ePortfolio; this site  contains certain qualities and skills I have that would make me a valuable asset to an agency. I am a very committed, hard working individual and see myself having a great impact in the field of policing.


Bring all my positive beliefs and characteristics to a police agency and be involved in a long, successful, and fulfilling career in criminal justice.


Help create a community with less fear and chaos by leading by example and be a major key role in making a fairer, safer place for society. As well as have a positive impact on people’s lives on a day-to-day basis.


• Respect
• Loyalty
• Honesty
• Integrity
• Consideration


Short Term Goals :Some of my short term goals I would like to achieve are to not only successfully finish my policing diploma by December 2015, but to also maintain and average of 80% or above throughout the program. Furthermore, another short term goal of mine is to get hired on to an agency after completing the program. Lastly, another short term goal of mine is to give myself the best possible chance of getting on to an agency by becoming more involved in community events and volunteering.

Long Term Goals:

My long term goals I would like to accomplish are to have a secured position in policing above the ranks of just a constable. I would like to see myself become part of a specialized unit in policing such as K-9 unit, or working in a sector that works with people with disabilities, as these areas appeal to me the greatest. Another long term goal of mine that is apart from policing is to be financially stable enough to mortgage a house, as well as get married and start a family.

Cover Letter/Resume


Criminal Justice Policing Program

Lethbridge College
  • Advanced knowledge of Criminal Code
  • Experienced in BDI Interviews
  • Gained effective interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills
  • Gained and respected friendship with instructors

Grade 12 Diploma Completed June 2008

Winston Churchill High School
  • Maintained exceptional marks while playing elite sports
  • Upheld excellent attendance all four years of high school
  • Captained the grade 12 men's rugby team
  • Granted "Leader of Tomorrow" awarded by teachers

Work experience

Feb 2012Present

Relief Worker

Southern Alberta Community Living Association
  • Administered various medication(s) to individuals
  • Assisted in very personal tasks such as bathing and toileting
  • Transported individuals to events all over the city
  • Displayed a tremendous amount of respect and compassion
  • Gained valuable friendships with clients




Apr 2012Jan 2014

Shipping Representative

Bartle & Gibson Co Ltd
  • Met very strict deadlines
  • Trained new employees on job duties
  • Worked on various tasks with a team
  • Received excellent feedback from contractors on customer satisfaction
  • Excelled under stressful circumstances



Maintaining high ethical standards
dealing with people, problems, and situations honestly
Being Supportive
helping others with their problems, supporting others’ decisions and initiatives
Using Tact
being discreet and diplomatic, particularly with sensitive issues
paying attention to what other people say to understand and appreciate their points of view and responding appropriately


  • Honest
  • Calm
  • Compassionate
  • Patient
  • Loyal
  • Sincere


Feb 2012

Emergency Responder Cetertificate

Lethbridge College
Jul 2011

Second year plumbing apprentice

Jan 2008

Granted "Leader of Tomorrow" award by teachers



Bruce Topolnisky- Branch Manger

Bartle & Gibson Co Ltd

Bus: 403.320.0411

Cell: 403.394.5502

Sue Manery

Executive Director

Southern Alberta Community Living Association

Bus: 403. 329.1525 ext. 122

Roger Simpson


Simpson Plumbing

Bus: 403.328.3584