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Character Trait

At first glance at the pyramid, the character trait that stuck out to me the most was integrity. Without integrity, what are we as journalists? Our honesty is destroyed, and we twist facts, stories, and wording to our own personal advantage. There would be no truth, no cooperation with others, no tradition, and most importantly, according to the pyramid, we would have no reputation, because our morals would be so twisted, deformed, and pretty much non-existent.

Several times during the school year, I have been tempted to slightly twist the facts of a piece in order to get the story I wanted. Fortunately, I resisted that temptation, and wrote the article and it’s facts in complete honesty and truth. Another aspect that can compromise integrity in the Opinion Section, is twisting your own words to please others. Luckily, I have never compromised my honesty in a certain subject, and therefore, have kept, and strengthened my integrity.


Host at Lure Fish House in Camarillo

I work part time in Camarillo as a host, making money, serving old people on dates, and doing stereotypical restaurant things. It's not the greatest job, but hey, it's a job. I'm lucky to have it.


Over the year, I have played water polo and swim for Buena, and am currently playing club water polo for south Coast out at CLU. My 4x100 freestyle relay team qualified for Division 1 CIF, and my club water polo team has qualified for Junior Olympics.


On my own time, I play piano, guitar, and occasionally drums, when I can find a set. I play whenever 

i get the chance, writing songs, or learning new ones. 

Best Work

Living In A Sexually Perverted Culture

While this article challenged the morals of society, it also maintained a respectful, yet urgent tone for the topic. It received the most feedback of any article I've written, (27 ratings) and it also allowed my inner philosopher to bloom. It is a topic very few people would tackle, and the stance is one even fewer would take. Due to it's sensitive topic, daring stance, and massive feedback, this is one of my favorite articles this year.

Let Sports Unite Us

Passion is what fueled this particular article. Correlating with current, controversial events, it's timing and writing were superb. Racism on any field is an issue everyone has had to deal with at one point or another, and I felt the need to cover this topic, because it was affecting me and those around me greatly. Also, it was a good way to take a national story and find a lesson from it.

Headphone Syndrome Is Spreading

This idea came to me on a day m that all opinion writers face: the "What am I going to write about," day. It showcased my ability to look into a community first-handedly, on my own, and find issues or problems within. A topic that hits home, combined with some fine writing mad for a great article, not to mention Lucy's awesome art.


Carrie Johnson

Trevor Eikenberry

Richard Geib

A Sexually Perverted Culture

Headphone Syndrome

Let Sports Unite Us


Work experience


Foothill Dragon Press

Middle Eastern Article Rush

Though it wasn't published at all, due to events in the east changing rather rapidly, me and Canela put together a great mini-package on the chemical warfare going on. I wrote the article the day we had the idea, about a week before my next deadline, and had it edited that night, ready to post. It reflected the view that America should use force in the east to stop millions of people from getting gassed. However, Obama's decision to "negotiate" with Putin, which was announced the morning after the article was loaded onto the backend, left the article to sob in irrelevancy. Nonetheless, it was a great effort.

The Sole Conservative

As the only "conservative" on the Dragon Press' Opinion Section, it put a whole lot of responsibility on me to accurately and persuasively represent the minority faction on Foothill's campus: something I think and hope I did well. Not bending or wavering in my beliefs or opinions took a lot of perseverance and motivation. With no one forcing me to go against the grain but myself, I took the initiative and stood up for what I believed in.


Though I obviously did not use this skill on the Dragon Press, or even give my best effort during the in-class presentation, my photography has greatly improved, whether it's using the rule of thirds on my camera, or using framing at the beach, my photography skill are improving due to in class lessons. The increased Instagram likes are proof of that.
Quality of Writing
Using the combination of rhetoric, which I think is one of the most powerful forms of language ever, cleverly placed quotes, and overall improved diction and syntax have drastically improved the quality of my writing, from the perspective of convincing others, and the perspective of simply proving the legitimacy of my point. 
Ability to Tackle Sensitive Topics
Instead of writing what the cafeteria should do differently, or how teenagers need more freedom, a good chunk of my articles have been ones which tackle major, and extremely sensitive subjects in our culture