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  • Virginia

Zachary See

Course Instructor at Arcadia University


Zachary See has shared his English language expertise with several organizations in Virginia and elsewhere. He currently serves as a course instructor with Arcadia University in the English, honors, and arts departments, where he is editing a book that is to be published soon. He also performs lectures and grades student work as part of his Arcadia University duties. As a graduate assistant, he also helps the department head prepare courses and edit essays, and operates events across campus. Zachary See also imparts his skills to students as a writing center tutor. Before coming to this position, he served as a library page in Virginia.

Mr. See earned a thorough education in English before taking up his current positions. He studied for his bachelor's degree at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, where he was the #1 member of his graduating class. During his time with the university, he also studied at other schools across the world, including Universidad Catolica de Avila in Spain and Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

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Course Instructor

Arcadia University


Senior Assistant Editor

South Asian Review




Franciscan University

English Literature


Oxford University