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I've had a passion for video games from the time I could hold a controller. I've also always been interested in how games work and what goes into them so when I got into high school I got my first taste of programming. I went to Full Sail because I knew they could give me the knowledge and experience to be able to do what I truly wanted to do, and that is to develop games. I want nothing more than to do my best at what I love and make something that others will enjoy.


Jan 2014Mar 2016

Game Development Bachelor of Science

Full Sail University

Relevant Experience

Dec 2015 - March 2016

Win Big or Die

5 Month Final Project

Win big or die is a third person smash tv style shooter where you blast your way to freedom fighting through rooms of enemies featuring traps that can be used to help or hurt you. There are 3 different bosses to fight along the way the final being the one blocking your way to freedom.

I and four other people worked together using Unreal Engine to build our game over a 5 month timespan. I was tasked with:

  • Animations 
  • Level Creation
  • Game play
  • Enemy Behaviors
  • Effects

Dec 2014 -Feb 2015


3 Month Game Project

PrimEvil is a 2D 2 player twin stick shooter where you’re two time traveling androids Jack and Jill who went to the past. You get separated from your time machine and have to fight through hordes of dinosaurs that evolve into futuristic cyborg dinosaurs in order to get back to your time machine and escape.

A team of five people, including myself worked together to make a 2D game within a 3month timespan. I was tasked with:

  • Animations 
  • Creating a tool for animations
  • Gameplay
  • Enemy Behaviors