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Zach Roof

Senior DevOps/Cloud Security Engineer


An ordinary guy who's extraordinarily curious about security and DevOps

Work History

June 2016Current

Senior DevOps/Cloud Security Engineer


· Within 1 month of hire, built a HIPAA compliant CouchDb cluster within AWS' Elastic Container Service while completing a live database migration from Cloudant (a CouchDb DaaS).

· For our HIPAA compliance, I created a Point-In-Time recovery mechanism for our CouchDb cluster.  In an emergency, management could run my bash script and restore our CouchDb cluster to any 5 minute interval in the past.  

· Within 1.5 months, architected (and implemented) a HIPAA compliant environment for our main application.  This included a Blue/Green deployment methodology, AWS' Elastic Container Service, Cloudformation, Elastic Beanstalk, S3, Cloudfront, Aurora and Jenkins.

· Led a DevOps team that included two contractors from Toptal.

· Provided security related code reviews for our developers while giving feedback in a compassionate manner.

· Helped build our continuous integration platform which consisted of Github, Jenkins, and Selenium.

Mar 2016June 2016

Security Application Analyst II


· Actively assists the principal Security Architect.

· Provides architectural risk reviews on cryptographic attacks (e.g., TLS side-channel attacks involving compression.)

· Responsible for the direction of the company-wide vulnerability management system.

· Performs secure code reviews within the SDLC. For vulnerabilities found, creates proof of concept code so stakeholders can replicate the discovery.

· Collaborates with development teams across the company to fix vulnerabilities.

May 2015Mar 2016

Software Engineer


· Within 10 months of hire, started the transition into the Security Application Analyst II role. (This was a promotion in terms of pay and responsibility within the company.)

· After 4 months in the position, was trusted to develop (and present) a 3-day training to onboard developers onto the codebase.

· Participated in community outreach by involving myself with The Iron Yard (a local coding school). Responsibilities included mentoring Iron Yard students, and giving a guest lecture to make security concepts more accessible to novice developers.

· Develops in Node.js and Backbone.js to power the shopping experience in a SaaS product with over 25 million users.

Jan 2016March 2016

DevOps Engineer

Cal. State University Northridge (CSUN) Economics Department

 · Collaborated with two Economics professors on the technical design of a research study that leverages Artifical Intelligence (i.e., Natural Language Processing) and "big data" from Twitter.

· Built a resilient technology stack that persists more than 150,000 tweets a day.

· Responsible for deploying/programming the Node.js servers, AWS infrastructure, Linux instances, and a 3 member MongoDB cluster.

Aug 2013Dec 2013

Research Assistant in User Experience

University of Michigan

· Responsible for researching the usability characteristics of Mobile Dad (an iOS app that fosters connection within military families).

Feb 2011May 2012

Research Assistant in Economics/Econometrics

California State University, Northridge (CSUN)

• Due to a limited budget, I implemented a trigonometric model to calculate thousands of distances on the globe.

• For my ability to creatively solve data extraction challenges, I was given co-authorship of a soon-to-be-published academic paper and awarded at the department's year-end event.

Aug 2010Dec 2010

Teaching Assistant in Economics

California State University, Northridge (CSUN)

• Answered student questions and helped proctor exams for a Microeconomics class.


Economics, BA

California State University Northridge (CSUN)

• Achieved a 3.76 GPA overall

Scholarships received:

• 2012 Outstanding Graduating Senior Award. (Out of 6500 students, 5 of these awards were given.)

• 2012-2013 Sheila Kar Heath Foundation Scholarship

• 2012 William R. Hosek Achievement Award

• 2010-2011 Associated Student’s Scholarship

Awards received:

• 2012 University Student Union Spirit Award

• 2012 Economics Department Certificate Of Excellence

• 2012 Outstanding Representation and Support of the CSUN Economics Department