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Hard working, maintains a good attitude, and perseveres through adversity.

Work experience

Apr 2013Aug 2015

Rose Arbor and Wildflower Lodge

Dietary server 

Jun 2013Apr 2015

Edinburgh USA Golf Course

Pro shop attendant 


Sep 2011Jun 2015

Osseo High School 

High School Graduate


Here are my 3 web tools

Ideas for Future Web Tools(1)

Other types of tools I think I will want to explore will be presentation tools. A lot of times for school/business, when I'm assigned a presentation, it's always a powerpoint presentation. I would like to be more creative and think outside the box a little with different types of presentations. This could give me an advantage because it will show that I'm not like like everyone else, I'm my own creative person and have different types of tools in my arsenal.

Ideas for Future Web Tools(2)

Another category of web tools I would be interested in is social networking. With the internet becoming more and more important for advertising, taking advantage of these web tools would help me in my professional work (for example, advertising my business on Twitter). This will give me an advantage over those who don't use social networking tools to advertise. Especially with my generation and teenagers obsessive uses with social media, using these tools could really increase getting the word out for whatever purposes I need.