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Zach Cross

Electrical Apprentice / Energy Management Specialist


Field work ranges from Electrical to Energy Management (Novar and CPC). Extensive experience in installs, maintenance, repairs and safely working Novar and CPC equipment. Duties also include: Safely Install, terminate and maintain  communication loops threw all Novar and CPC equipment. Priorities Include: Safety of personnel and equipment, quality, integrity and reliability.  I have also competed OSHA's Occupational Safety and Health training course. 

Work History


Electrical Apprentice

Jett Solutions LLC

Industrial and Commercial Electrical work.


Electrical Apprentice

Baxter Electric

Commercial and Residential Electrical work.


Electrical Apprentice / Energy Management Specialist

Jett Solutions LLC

Control wiring and sensors for Refrigeration. HVAC control sensors. Mass light dimming energy controls. Proficient and excellent Conduit bending skills. Power tools. Excellent Verbal and written Skills. Ability to use Blue prints and other strategic skills. 



Vian High School

 High School student graduate.


Energy Management

HVAC temperature sensors /wiring. Wire up Sensors. Refrigeration controls (temperature sensors and communication loops). Lighting energy saving sensors and controls. Ability to run emt conduit at an exceptional rate and excellent outcome.

Power Tools

The ability to safely use drills (of all sorts) / Sawzall and bandsaw. And Electrical / Pump Knock Out Kit.


All your basics including Microsoft Office / PowerPoint / Excell

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