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Work History

Jul 2013Present


Brookdale Senior Living

I work within the dining section of the Freedom Plaza Independent Living Complex. I take care of the residents and serve them food that is healthy for them and I keep them company and make their dining experience as enjoyable as possible. 

Cover Letter




College/University/Military/Voc Tech School

Aug 2011May 2015

High School Diploma

Centennial High School

I was very involved in the Cenntennial Theatre Company all four years. I maintained a 3.5 GPA during my high school experience. 

Aug 2015Present

2 year degree

Glendale Community College

I will be going to GCC to study theater and secondary education. I will then transfer to a 4 year University, probably ASU

Mentor Evaluations

Evaluation #1                                                                      Evaluation #2

Colleague Interviews

Linda Borchert                                                                Terri Yates

Training Plan


Letter to Mentor

Letter of Reccomindation

Reflection Essay

Sample Work Completed At Internship

I interned in a first grade classroom with 30 rambunctious 6 year olds. And with this I was able to take a field trip to the Wildlife World Zoo with them. I walked around with the kids and showed them the different animals and quized them on their knowledge of the animals that we had learned about in class. It was a lot of fun and I got to see the other side of field trips that I never saw when I was younger.

Sample Work Completed At Internship

Also at my internship I helped them read. I tested their knowledge on their site words and I helped them get to a point to where they were rewarded for the amount of books that they read. So last week I celebrated the kids with their parents with how many books they had read. Collectively our class had read 3795 books. And I helped them get there. And that is really cool!

Sample of Student Work

I was able to perform as the evil stepsister, Portia, in this years musical. I am very proud of my performance and theatre was a big part of my high school experience.

Dance has also been a huge part of my life here at Centennial. I was able to be in Ensemble dance this semester and it was a great experience. 

Both of these experiences shows what i am most proud to have left behind here at Centennial. Of course I got good grades and took higher level classes, but these are the things that I am most proud of from the last 4 years.