• Sunnyvale CA


Work experience

Work experience

Software Engineer

Jan 2015 - Present
  • Working at the Yahoo Mail team;
  • Proposed and implemented an Hbase Coprocessor to observe and process table updates, handling concurrency issue by applying producer-consumer pattern;
  • Developed tools to persist data consistency between primary and slave region servers;
  • Implemented a set of replication queue size monitors based on Zookeeper events;
  • Java, HBase, Linux, Python, Bash, Git, Zookeeper, Coprocessor, Multithreading, Sockets, JMX.

Software Engineer Intern

May 2014 - Dec 2014
Voci Technologies, Inc
  • Worked on V-Spark, an web application that interacts with the Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding system; the app gathers data and rules to train and test the systems, reports machine learning results and improves system accuracy with user feedback;
  • Implemented web audio recorder, text-to-speech transcript normalizer and highlighting plugin;
  • Node. js, Python, Express. js, MongoDb, JQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, Git, Linux.

Software Engineer

Jul 2011 - Aug 2012
China Unionpay., LTD
  • Implemented fund settlement modules of the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment System;
  • Developed applications used by business analysis team, interfacing the EBPP System;
  • C, Oracle, SVN, Unix. 


  • Java, JavaScript, Python, Bash;
  • HBase, MySQL, MongoDB, Apache ZooKeeper, JMX, Tomcat;
  • Linux, Git, Multithreading, Socket, Distributed Systems;
  • Node.js, JQuery, AJAX, Express.js, Bootstrap, PhantomJS, Mocha, d3.js, HTML5, CSS



Master of Information Science

University of Pittsburgh

Bachelor of Engineering

Huazhong University of Science and Technology


WEat                                                                                                                                                                   2014

  • A web application to search for restaurants collaboratively, share results and opinions with friends;
  • Implemented real time communication and information sharing by using Sockets;
  • Retrieved and aggregated data from Yelp API;
  • Java EE, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, JQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS.

Book Mart                                                                                                                                                         2014

  • A website to re-sell and buy used books for iSchool students; Implemented user authentication, shopping cart and item/order management modules, based on MVC, factory and singleton design pattern;
  • Optimized JDBC using Connection pool(C3P0);
  • Java EE(JDBC, Bean, Servlet, JSP), MySQL.

Information Retrieval System                                                                                                                     2013 

  • Built inverted index of document collections, implemented Statistical Language Model with Dirichlet Prior Smoothing for retrieval and generated the ranked results according to topic statements;
  • Java, Lucene.