• Sparks NV

Alexander Smith


Pursue in Filmography as a carrier choice.

Work experience

Work experience


Aug 2015 - Present

Take care of kids when parents are at work, dinner, etc. 



Standard Diploma

Aug 2015 - Present
Damonte Ranch High School

Planning on taking NJROTC for all four years of High School

Aug 2014 - Jun 2015
Depoali Middle School

Took art and Stem Lab to prepare me for Computer Science and Video Production.

Short Term Plans

Graduate High School with standard diploma. Take photography classes and filmography classes in college.

Long Term Plans

Finish college.

Direct movies that will change the world.


  • YouTube¬†
  • Photography
  • Journalist
  • Exploring the world


  • Graduate High School
  • Write scripts for films
  • Direct films
  • Win an Oscar
  • Meet J.J. Abrams

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