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Young, energetic and enthusiastic. I am passionate about my work. Skilled in Sales, Marketing, Project Management and Production.I always ensure a high quality of service  that has a mark of excellence.  


Cambridge A-Level Examination

Sir Arthur Lewis Community College 
  • Sociology

Caribbean Examinations Certificate 

Saint Mary's College
  • Literature
  • English A
  • Mathematics
  • Information Technology
  • Social Studies
  • Biology
  • Integrated Sciences


Analytical Skill

Ability to identify and develop strategies in the business or task

Creative Writing

Ability to write proposals, advertisements, speechs and scripting

Digital Design

Ability to product digital layouts for site manantgement

Customer Acquistion

Ability to sell and gain new customers into the business

Documentation & Budgeting

Ability to record, file organise company documents

Marketing Communication & Strategy
Microsoft Office & Productivity Software

Ability to utilise productivity software and learn to execute reports, budgets and delegation

Project management

Ability to Research, Develop & Execute Company Projects, goals or events

Sales and Negociation

Ability to persuade prospects and clients in products and business undertakings

Team Working & Leadership

Leadership training and methodology 


Ability to develop, a presentation and teach team-members to effectively execute


Past Experience in Coordination and Management


Adrian Augier - Landmark Events Ltd

Creative Director -285-2666/452-8416

Alan Maher Jr. Yodle Inc. 

Sales Performance manager 1-978-852-0419

Timothy Fevier - Brydens & Company

Marketing Manager -758-724-8443


  • Music
  • Digital Design 
  • Creative Writing 
  • Photography
  • Athletics