Artist | Filmmaker | Writer

Gungho Girl

My personal art making practice, whether the form is art, craft, or story, is centered around the process of experimentation. At times, I am focused on learning a new technique or how to create a specific object. Other times, I may be running iterations in pursuit of discovering larger patterns from the initial concept, the medium itself, or the content conveyed.

Art & story is how I process my experiences and perceptions of the world. I not only write essays but I am also fond of creating visual essays as well with the intent to offer provocative social commentary. So when not involved with work, other projects and productions, I make my own weird little bits of arts & odd films here & there.

At present I:

✪ write & create the art for a quarterly astrology comic book, Rocket #9, published in Crowned By Star and Sky []

✪ coordinate a new comic collaborative to illustrate in graphic novel form the Celtic myths and stories for the website for Cauldron of the Celts;

✪ produce a new youtube channel, HomoBoomBoom TV, centered on generating dialogue around queer issues in arts, politics, and life in the Bay Area.