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Yuvraj Koshti

Analysis Engineer at ZEBEC Marine Consultants & Services

Work experience

Intermediate Enovia

COMSOL l Intermediate
ENOVIA V6 l Multiphysics, Thermal Project Management, Dassualt Systems Python l Intermediate MATLAB l Intermediate Open source, Scripting Matrix, Scientific computation


Hydrostar l Intermediate
Bureau Veritas 3D diffraction/Radiation, Bureau Veritas Multibody, Mooring QTF, RAO


Ansys APDL l Intermediate
Static Structural, FEA DNV, 3D nonlinear FEA, Beams and plates, offshore structure ISYMOST-NSO l Intermediate Uflex2d l Proficient Principia, 3D nonlinear FEA 2D Nonlinear FEA, Umbilical
Dec 2014Present

Ocean Engineer

Zebec Marine Consultancy Services| Mumbai|
Ocean Engineer| Hydrodynamic Analysis: The task includes generating the RAOs for different vessel configurations using 3D diffraction tool Hydrostar. The RAOs were generated for multibody vessel in side by side configuration(LNG FPSO with an alongside moored LNG carrier) for different draft conditions(fully loaded and ballast). The generated RAOs were used for mooring analysis software. Static and dynamic analysis of mooring lines: Static and dynamic analysis of mooring line is carried out to check the feasibility of the offloading of two products together in a side moored configuration. The analysis is performed using software tool Ariane7. Preliminary equipment selection was done based on the static equilibrium analysis. Detailed time domain analysis was performed for the final selection of mooring system. The time varying behavior of mooring system was checked to ensure that the line tension, vessel excursion and anchor line touchdown point are within the safe limit. Static and dynamic analysis of Flexible Riser: In house program developed using Python script to perform static and dynamic analysis of Underhose Riser for Single Point Mooring buoy(SPM). Static structural analysis of crane pedestal: The static structural analysis performed to check the adequacy of pedestal column during operational/non-operational condition. Finite Element static analysis has been carried out for various loading condition by using general purpose FE software ANSYS APDL 15. Modal Analysis of drilling mud tank agitator shaft: The modal analysis if performed for rotating agitator shaft-impeller assembly to find of natural frequency of the system. The modification to the structural system is proposed based on modal analysis to enhance the natural frequency. The analysis is performed using 3D nonlinear static and dynamic FEA tool ISYMOST-NSO.
May 2013Nov 2014

Engineering Analyst

Oceaneering International Services|
Engineering Analyst| (1.5 years) Chandigarh| Extreme and global Analysis of Subsea Umbilical: The extreme andglobal analysis is performed on subsea umbilicals in extreme and operational environmental conditions. The analysis is performed in OrcaFlex 9.7. The bend stiffener is designed for umbilicals using different loading cases by using a tool OrcaBend. The umbilicals were modeled and analyzed for different vessel draft and wave headings in different configurations. The different umbilical configurations(steep wave, lazy wave, steep wave, lazy wave etc.) are generated by incorporating buoyancy module properties at respective nodal locations. The analysis is performed in regular and irregular waves in time domain. The result derived insures that the umbilicals are not breaching their respective design limit of axial tension, bending curvature and shear at critical locations. Local stress Analysis of Subsea Umbilical cross section: Local stress Analysis is performed to determine the strength and performance of cross-section against external loads and establish the stiffness parameters required for global analysis. The load capacity curve(allowable tension versus bend curvature plot) for installation and operational condition and Cross-sectional bending and axial stiffness parameters are generated as a result from local stress analysis. The cross section is analyzed using the non-linear finite element software Uflex2d. This enables the umbilical structure to be modeled under a combination of internal and external hydrostatic pressure, tension, torsion, bending, and external contact loads. Internally generated loads due to sliding contact and friction behavior between individual component parts are also represented. Thermal Analysis of Subsea Umbilical: The thermal analysis is performed to evaluate the electrical and thermal performance of Power and Control Umbilical. The analysis determines the heat generated by the MV cables within the Umbilical due to electrical resistance losses and subsequent temperature levels reached by the metallic and plastic components and their sub-components. The analysis is performed in Induction heating module of COMSOL Multiphysics. The analysis ensures that the umbilical components are within the respective design temperature limit.
Jun 2009Apr 2010


National Aerospace laboratories| Bangalore|
Project Associate| (10 months) Project comprised of working in a team for conducting experiment in Low speed windtunnel and data analysis. State of the art measuring instruments and Data Acquisition System. Codes were also developed to reduce post processing time ACADEMIC PROJECTS Dynamic Analysis of Compliant offshore Structures in Extreme Waves(2012) The response of compliant offshore structures is simulated when it is impacted by extreme wave in harsh sea environment. The equation of motion is solved in time domain for multi degree of freedom. The simulation and analysis is done in MATLAB andAnsys AQWA. Strength and Durability assessment of high density polyethylene(HDPE) polyfloats and its suitability to offshore application. Tests related to strength assessment of the float and connectors; Tests related to load carrying capacity of single/multi-layer polyfloats under regular waves(operational sea state) and impact loads; Dart drop impact test of polyfloats. SOFTWARE SKILLS OrcaFlex l Proficient OrcaBend l Proficient 3D Nonlinear FEA, Umbilical, Riser, Analytical, Bend stiffener, Riser, Umbilical