Yu Rong

  • 广州 广东省


Sep 2008 - Present

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering

Sun Yat-Sen University(SYSU)

GPA: 3.8/4

Ranking: 3/89 

Relevant coursework:

  • Software Engineering Training-Middle level (100/100)
  • C++ Language & Object-Oriented Tech (98/100)
  • Principle of Database Systems: Exercitation (93/100)
  • Computer Network: Exercitation (96/100)
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning (95/100)


  • Intelligent Information Retrieval
  • Mobile and Pervasive Computing
  • Machine Learning


The Development of the online game on the Android platform, Summer project, School of Software, Sun Yat-Sen University


Advisor: Ning LIU

Worked as project leader

  • Worked with a 10-member team, supervised the progress, built the development environment and version control system, designed and coded the basic framework

Industrial Cluster Cash Pooling System


Advisor: Huiyou Chang

Worked as program developer

  • Built the key financial model VAR (Value at Risk) Model in the whole system.

Hello My Friend--Social Networking Services Assistant based on GPS and Bluetooth


Advisor: Ning LIU

Worked as leading developer

  • Constructed a Web Spider and Analyzer to parse the data from different SNS site, which enables analyzing different SNS site without modifying any code by using simple configuration file.

YueChuXinCai— Recreational music game software base on android.


Advisor: Ning LIU

Worked as leading developer

  • Transplanted and improved some related C++ codes to enhance the efficiency of decoding the music, as well as the UI element design.

DaiZiZhangZhong—An Educational Software cooperated with Base of International Chinese Teaching Materials Developing and Teacher Training


Advisor: Ning LIU

Worked as early version program developer

  • Designed earlier schema and the layout framework together with file parsing development. 



  • National Undergraduate Scholarship (2010-2011)
  • SYSU Undergraduate Scholarship, First Prize (2010-2011)
  • Google Excellence Scholarship(2011)
  • National Financial Aid Scholarship (2009-2010)
  • SYSU Undergraduate Scholarship, Second Prize (2009-2010)
  • SYSU Undergraduate Scholarship, Second Prize (2008-2009)


      Android Applications and Development Challenge for Chinese College Students(2010)                          

  • First Prize (Championship)

      "Innovative Cup" Computer Application and Development Challenge for Guangdong Province,  Hong Kong       and Macao College Students (2011)                                                                                                      

  • Special Award (Championship)

      2010 Citi Financial & IT Application Competition(2010)                                                                              

  • Winner's Prize 

      "Intel Cup", the 3rd National Software Development and Innovation Contest for Chinese College  Students(2010)

  • Winner's Prize 


  • SYSU Excellent League member (2010-2011)
  • SYSU Excellent League member (2009-2010)
  • SYSU Excellent League member (2008-2009)


The research and implementation of a Unsupervised Structure Learning Model -Hierarchical Compositional Model for Object Recognition

Jul. 2011-Sept.2011

Advisor: Liang LIN

  • Researched and implemented the Hierarchical Compositional Model, which is a new but complex model in the Object Recognition area.
  • Tried to improve the previous model, introduced the possibility relationship into the each image representation level, while the traditional Hierarchical model only shares a simple relationship between different levels. This improvement makes the model more robust among distractions and more adjustable to the detection of multi-view objects.

The application of Augmented Reality on the Android platform


Advisor: Ning LIU, Liang LIN, Chengying GAO

  • Built the whole compile environment and modified related mathematic library for the adapting of Android platform.

The Research of the Sparse Coding for the Image Classification


Advisor: Yan PAN

  • Tried to use the Kullback-Leibler Divergence to replace the Euclidean distance in the Sparse Coding expression of ScSPM.
  • Attempted to solve the new optimization problem, used the Accelerate Gradient Method and tried many ways to optimize its speed, such as using a dual problem to avoid the SVD(1024*1024 matrix), guessing the better start parameters to reduce its number of iteration.


Ning LIU

Associate Professor of Computer Science,

Sun Yat-Sen University

Email: [email protected]

Liang LIN

Associate Professor of Computer Science,

Sun Yat-Sen University

Email: [email protected]


Associate Professor of Computer Science,

Sun Yat-Sen University

Email: [email protected]


Professional Skills

  • Program language: C, C++, Java, Python
  • System & software: Android, Linux, Matlab, Eclipse
Language Skills

My major in Sun Yat-Sen University uses English Textbook for bilingual teaching.

My Internet-based TOEFL score is 86.


Member                                  Mobile Creative Technology lab, Sun Yat-Sen University


Teach Assistant                   Course: Software Engineering Training-Primary level


President                                Google Android Club, Sun Yat-Sen University

Apr. 2010 - May2011

Deputy Director                     Software Development Department, Software Tech. Innovation Center, SYSU

Mar.2009-Mar. 2010

Monitor                                    Computer Application Software Class, Software Engineering, Sun Yat-Sen University

Sept. 2008-Oct.2009

Professional Volunteers     The 16th Asian Games in Guang Zhou

12th,Nov. 2010-27th, Nov. 2010