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Benedictus Yurivito Kris Nugroho

  • Jl. Permai Barat VI. D2/1. Jurang Mangu Permai. Tangerang Banten
  • 087827540001

Copywriter/Content Writer/Content Specialist


A journalism graduate program with long  experience in Indonesia mass media, either as a journalist, copywriter, and content maker. This experience strengthen with communications and journalism educational background.  

Work experience

Nov 2011Present

Copywriter / Content Writer / Content Maker

Kompas Daily Newspaper

- Provide contents to support classified ads in Klasika Kompas segment. Generate attractive headlines and persuasive writing to deliver good impact for client.

- Client liaison, develop and execute raw idea into effective advertisements and public communications. Maintaining good relationship and coordination with other parties. 

- Responsible to support creative product or writing to support client needs. Collaborate with graphic designer and photographer to make the article  appropriate and interesting.

- Elaborate proofreading copy to check spelling and grammar. Specialized write for information technology, banking, finance, and telecommunication in Bahasa Indonesia.

- Making video to support and enriched content, both for client needs and Klasika Kompas itself. 

- Responsible to develop Klasika in digital Channel through a good story and SEO 

Salary : Rp 10.000.000 Net + Benefit

Aug 2010Sep 2011


Swa Magazine

- Write news about marketing management, human resources management, company turnaround, business strategy, and entrepreneurship


Nov 2008Jan 2009

Production Assistant

O Channel Television

- Handle and responsible for the semi documentary feature about destination in Jakarta, DKI 15. I do all the thing, from find the issue, interview source, direct a cameramen, make a voicer over and raw cut editing, write a script, and final check for quality control. 

Aug 2008Sep 2008

Internship Reporter

Bisnis Indonesia

- Write and find an issue, mostly about macroeconomics and business.

Text section



Bachelor of Communication, Journalism

Universitas Padjadjaran

- Learn about communication and journalism.

- Participated in independent student press for three years with last position as blog editor. 

- Participated in Catholic Young Organization as a leader for one years

- Two times preside a logistic division head for student orientation committee held by journalism student association.


High School

SMA Pangudi Luhur I Jakarta

- Two times lead a logistic division in  Pangudi Luhur I Fair, the biggest student art event (pentas seni) in Indonesia

Seminar & Workshop

2016 - Creative Writing - Kompas Daily Newspaper

2015 - Infographic Workshop - House of Infographics Indonesia

           - Video Editing - Kompas Daily Newspaper 

2014 - Creative Thinking and Writing - Kompas Daily Newspaper

2011 - Investment Seminar - CIMB Sun Life

           - Marketing Seminar Markplus Conference - Markplus Inc

2010 - Sharia Banking Seminar - Bank Negara Indonesia

2008 - Documentary Film Training - Journalism major, Faculty of Communication, Universitas Padjadjaran.

2004 - Student Press Seminar - Pikiran Rakyat Newspaper

2001 - Five Days Basic Leadership Program - SMA Pangudi Luhur and Kopasus 

Organization Experience

2002 & 2003 - Head of Logistic Pangudi Luhur Fair, Brawijaya

2005 - Head of Logistic Student Orientation

             Faculty of Communications, Majoring Journalism, Universitas Padjadjaran

2006 - Leader of Youth Catholic Organization Universitas Padjadjaran

2005 to 2007 - Editor at Djatinangor Student Press, Faculty of Communications, Universitas Padjadjaran. 

2016 - Head of decoration 51th Anniversary Kompas Daily Newspaper. (Internal Event)

2017 - Head of decoration Kompas Daily Newspaper for Indonesia Independence Day (Internal Event)


- Internet savvy and communicative. Expert in Bahasa Indonesia and good in English

- Able to write in journalistic capacity, with correct spelling and detail information 

- Capable to work in a team and can manage a small team

- Disciplined, fast learner, responsible, able to work independently or in a team, thorough person, and like to read.

- Open minded with analytical thinking, friendly, creative, deadline-oriented, and excellent organizational and interpersonal communication skills


My portfolio spread from advertorial, creative content, Infographics, and free content (for Klasika)