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Creativity meets Private Equity. Financially, I specialize in alternative investment opportunities in a market neutral, non correlated asset class for ultra high net worth investors, global family offices, hedge funds, fund of funds, wealth advisers, and private bankers in film finance, production, and global distribution. Our business model provides an absolute ROI prior to revenues using an innovative hedging & risk minimization strategies. Our target investors are those who have meager returns in conventional & alternative investments (hedge funds, stocks/bonds, futures, real estate, art, oil & gas, vineyards, second tier pre-ipo startups that sizzle, etc.) and believe that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing hoping for a different result. Creatively, I am a film/tv writer, producer, & director and I am represented by Geoff Silverman at THE CARTEL in Los Angeles. I created the reality tv show based on "Floored" ( with Steve Prosniewski , created a reality tv show on Chicago's Polish Community which I set up with with Darryl Silver/Idea factory (, and have a few TV scripts I wrote that are being shopped to networks. I am also currently in development on the $20 million 3D film, "Milwaukee", which we will be directed by David R. Ellis ("Shark Night 3D", "Snakes On A Plane", "The Final Destination") and being co-produced by MINDS EYE ENTERTAINMENT ( I recently executive produced “SLEDGER”, a documentary about Bob Marley’s cousin which was the first film to be shot in Jamaica in 3D I produced and co-directed “Mr. Id”, ( which was sold and licensed throughout the world and is available online at and