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Work experience


Software Development Manager

RedPrairie Corporation (acquired StorePerform in 2006)

Managed groups of software developers, testers, and database architects from eight to twenty, sometimes mixed on and off-shore, developing a variety of enterprise Java products. Supported individuals and teams through mentoring, coaching, and servant leadership in all things from teaching OO programming by example to organizational skills to business development.

Designed, evangelized, and managed lean approaches to many aspects of our business, including:

  • the process to transfer development of an ailing enterprise product from India to Denver; including hiring, building, and leading local teams to rehabilitate it
  • metrics and a dashboard to show holistic performance across all areas of a product, e.g., defect density, inventory, revenue, sales pipeline
  • an integrated compensation and performance evaluation system for development staff
  • collaboration tools and practices of instant messaging, micro-blogging, online code review, and a wiki
  • automated integration and unit, load, and acceptance testing in Java, JUnit, and Selenium

  • Scrum training and coaching for teams, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners
  • an internal open source practice to promote collaboration between different product teams across the US and UK

Continued developing and managing a vendor execution management product, begun in 2004, through its second major release and several minor.


Lead Developer

Worked in a team developing a transaction processing system handling millions of credit card transactions per day, developed with C++ COM and C# .NET.

Implemented several practice improvement measures, including use of design, repeatable builds (using NAnt), unit testing (using NUnit and FIT), development and QA collaboration on delivery and smoke testing, security analysis, after-action reviews, and weekly, staff-led training sessions.

Began object-oriented class to teach the fundamentals of OO, design, analysis, patterns, and implementation with C-based OO languages (focusing on C#) to experienced RAD users new to programming.

Consulted with other teams to assist with architecture of client-facing .NET web-services and development of corresponding Java testing frameworks using Jelly/JEXL and FIT.


Senior Developer

Worked in a team developing a transaction processing system handling millions of credit card transactions per day, developed with C++ COM and C# .NET.


Lead Developer

RedPrairie Corporation (acquired StorePerform in 2006)

Led the architecture and implementation of a new vendor execution management product for retailers, from concept through first release. Implemented a lightweight architecture in Java to be deployed into an integrated, multi-company environment with mainframe and web-service interfaces. Designed around the accountability family of patterns and FOSS, including Hibernate, Struts, PicoContainer, Axis, and many others. Promoted and practiced continuous integration, unit tests, code standards, shared code, peer inspections, and automated acceptance testing.


Lead Developer

Provided architecture and technology oversight and support for all projects, including both J2EE and Windows DNA based architectures. Researched and implemented emerging standards, technologies and theories. Collaborated with the general manager to implement process improvement and establish a technical road map for development staff, as well as hiring and retention. Implemented and participated in the company’s mentoring program, supporting junior staff members technically and professionally. Focus of instruction was generally Java fundamentals (API, algorithm usage, multi-threading, etc.) and preparation of staff for Sun certification. Designed and implemented process and code standards and worked with Quality Assurance to achieve high quality and streamlined testing and debugging processes for the developers. 

Led initial development of a new product line architecture for J2EE based project controls and program management systems with RBAC and DAC security models, automated multilingual interface generation, and a basis in WfMC’s reference model.



Worked in team developing a new web based project controls application built on Windows DNA. Developed through initial release and several subsequent minor and majors releases. Designed and implemented a web-enabled file-system using DAC for security.


Contract Developer

Contract Clients

Developed for direct and agency referred contracts creating database driven web-sites built with ASP, PERL, C, and Lasso; small client-server applications; MS Access applications; static web-sites; and automation scripts.



In a Nutshell…

My Strength is bringing clarity and simplicity to complex problems and solutions.

Focus on leading by doing while developing valuable, maintainable, and simple solutions from complex software technologies.

Goal is to work with a pragmatic company where customer value, lean execution and discipline, and camaraderie are key.

Nine years developing enterprise softwareusing distributed architectures with Java and Microsoft platforms and over eleven years in web development.

Six years of team leadership, three with full management responsibility.

I build systems that deliver software valuable to humans

Since I've a developed a variety of enterprise products and projects, I've found that customers miss out on value—and so vendors on profit—due to the development system we create products within more than to technological, architectural, or design issues. So, now I build systems of people, process, metrics, and practice that enable software development teams to deliver more value than they thought possible and help them continually reduce waste.And, when I find systems of development not the bottleneck, I'll move on to the next—whether it's programming or managing or teaching. At the end of the day, what I'm passionate about is maximizing value for the customer and the profit that naturally results.