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I am enthusiastic and I have a strong sence of responsibility.

I can work very well in any positions.

I have self-confidence in every part.

Work experience

May 2008Sep 2008



I was supervisor of barista in Insomnia.

I had checked attendance of all barista and teach how to make coffee and some tea.

It was good experience for me.

Jul 2003Nov 2003

Product Management

Samsung Fashion

I managed product department.

I was assistant of total manager.


Mar 2006Present


Choong-Ang University

My major is Business Administration in Choong-Ang University.

I've studied all about business such as Human Resource Management, Accounting, Marketing, Retailing Management, something like that.

I'm junior and I've had a great time with lots of good professors in my University.



I have a toeic score. The score is 850. This score is not low. I can speak Englsh well. I have no problem with English. Moreover I going to try to get more high score continue. Therefore I can improve my English skill.    
I have a license of Taekwondo. Taekwondo is Korean combative sport. I have a black belt. I have good energy and skill in Taekwondo.
MOS(Microsoft Office Speciallist)
I have the MOS license. Therefore I can use computer very well. I'm expert at computer skill.