Hello! As you can see, my official name is very difficult to pronounce. I do apologize for that.  

My name is Debby and I like short walks on the beach (especially when it's busy), deep thoughts about unnecessary things and eating. I may be shy initially but I am able to work fast and efficiently once I break out of my bubble. Working on teams projects and in teams is not a problem for me. While I may not have a lot of experience work wise, I am willing to learn and venture into unfamiliar territories in order to gain more experiences.


Work experience

Various volunteer work at church

2007 - 2013

Middle to High School

Worked with PowerPoint presentations during sermons. Set up chairs and equipment on Sunday. Babysat preschool children during special church events

English Teacher

2011 - 2011

Volunteer work with church

Two weeks teaching English to local elementary to middle school children in central Taiwan


2013 - 2014
Seattle Chinese School

Teaching Assistant

Graded student homework, assisted in lessons, cleaned up classroom

Internship at Mission Health Care

2014 - 2014

Interned at Mission Health Care for a couple of shifts as NA (nursing assistants) in a team of nursing students

Assisted with feeding, showering and medical care to elderly patients


2015 - 2015
PAX Prime

Worked at the PAX merchandise booth.

Helped restock shelves, assisted con-goers with purchases, answered questions, interacted with many exhibitors


2013 - 2015
Monga Cafe (family business)

Waited tables,  food runner, hostess, side jobs (prep), about 50 hours/week

Utilized POS; purchases/refunds

Managed daily finance for front of the house

Mainly Chinese speaking customer base

Trained new staff members



Middle/High School

2009 - 2011
International School

Bellevue, WA

Years 6-9

High School

2011 - 2014
Newport High School

Bellevue, WA

Years 10-12

High School

2012 - 2014
Bellevue College

Bellevue, WA

Running Start/Dual Credit Program (Years 11-12)


2015 - Present
Bellevue College

Associate's Degree



CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and Health Care Providers

2014 - 2016
American Red Cross

Instructor: Peterson, S.P


First Aid

2014 - 2016
American Red Cross

Instructor: Peterson, S.P


Washington State Nurse Aide

2014 - 2016
NNAAP (Washington State)

Required license for nurse aides

Washington State Aging and Disability Services


Food Worker Card

2013 - Present
King County

Renewed 2015

Skills & Abilities



Can speak conversational to fluent Mandarin Chinese

Read/write basic Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)




Can be able to work around sudden changes during work

Flexible with work hours too 


Excessive Counter Strike GO player. Played too many FPS games to count.


Can speak basic Japanese

Read/write basic Katakana, Hiragana and Kanji


(First Aid/CPR/AED)

In case of emergency zombie apocalypse, sudden invasion of the Reapers or The Darkness, I will be here to patch you up!  


Able to do multiple tasks within a short span of time

Can finish a number of small tasks by planning a course that requires the least amount of time

Why Bungie?

I have been spending some time looking for a suitable entry level job that allowed me to work in the video game industry. Luckily, I was able to find that Bungie was looking for a world design tester. For me, Bungie has been creating games that have allowed me to create and bond with friends when I was younger. Playing Halo had always been an activity that we would always take part in and playing through the story for Halo was always one of my most cherished memories of gaming during my childhood. I hope to join this company to help developers fix problems within the games and ship out successful and well written products. 

I have taken part in some open beta for different games on different consoles in the past for fun and really enjoyed being able to help developers by giving them feedback about their game. I may not have experience working within the video game industry but my previous jobs had allowed for me to work in a very stressful and flexible environment in which efficiency and time is very important. I am able to learn from my peers which can help strengthen my skills and also develop new ones. I hope that becoming a world design tester at Bungie will allow me to take part in creating and improving video games for everyone.