Yung Han Cheng

  • New Taipei City R.O.C. Taiwan
Yung Han Cheng

Work experience

Work experience

Service Planner

Yuchia Motor Co, Ltd.

1. OEM’s parts (genuine parts) logistic management (contact window between Distributor


2. Inventory management & parts pricing.

3. Planning part promotions or campaign.

4. Manage all direct or contact workshop.

5. Planning and carring aftermarket activitis and campaign.

6. Conducting internal training for technician.


Jun 2011 - Present


ETS Taiwan

Listening & Reading: 845


Sep 2006 - Jun 2010

Business Administration

National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences
Sep 2003 - Jun 2006

Information Process

New Taipei Municipal ShiDing High School


My name is Cheng Yung Han. I graduated from business administration of National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences in 2010. My major subject were statistics, financial management, marketing and electronic commerce. I have passed TOEIC and gotten 845 points in 2011. Thus, I could deal with regular and commercial English very well.

Since I was in the second year of senior high, I have accumulated a good few part-time experiences such as McDonalds, China Airlines and FarEasTone. Because every job is a new challenge to me, I had to get with it immediately. I am not afraid of working hard, and I always keep conscientiousness anytime. By these experience, I have gotten not only working skills but the abilities that how to get along with colleagues and supervisors.

In my college life, I have a lot of interests in marketing; strategic analysis and e-commerce, and these interests were exhibited in some competitions and activities. In 2008, my schoolmates and I took part in South Area Commercial Case Analysis Competition, and I was the chief of the team. Finally we won the third place and I got the second place in the two-day competition. By this competition, I have learned that how to put my studies into practice, and how to solve the problems that company will face.

I had a special experience in the third year of my college life. I hitched a ride to Hualian in summer 2008, and I felt if we could save money on hotels, we could have a more quality trip. After this trip, I had an idea of operating a B&B just for youths and backpackers and discussed with my schoolmate and landlord. We took advantage of BLOG to advertise our B&B initially, and then we contacted student organizations and clubs from other college to give them a good impression on our B&B. Our occupancy rate was 80% after a month, and in the second month, a student paper of NCCU reported for us. By this six-month creating my own business, I have learned that how to link up with our customers more closely and promote our service by different channels. That was really a special experience in my life.

I worked at Parts& Services Department of Yuchia Motor(Commercial Vehicles belong Yulon Grop). In this industry, I've learned and known the importance of customer satisfaction. My major work is to manage part supply, pricing and the turnover rate of inventory. Also I have to manage workshops, and planning aftermarket campaign to increase retention rate. As I have to deal with the OEM members from Japan, Hong Kong, Sweden and China by email, phone call and conference call in English, I am confident on my communication in English of this job. Lastly, I sincerely hope you could give the opportunity to me to show my aggressiveness and ambitions in your company.