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I consider myself as a dreamer & achiever. I am here to the U.S. so as to follow my heart and pursue my dream. I personally believe in the power of positive thinking and intend to be an realistic optimist at all times. Thanks to my earlier working experiences, I understand very well about business and I am able to relate to a diverse range of business circumstance. I am firmly convinced that business is about human connection and more importantly, the objective of business is to make it more profitable by solving problems.It is also my motto in finding and pursuing my career. From a business perspective, I am teamwork and problem solving oriented. I provide you with the following qualities. ·Self-motivation & Self-development: I believe in self-development. I do my best to develop my skills and aptitudes. I believe motivation and a strong work attitude influence performance at personal, team and organizational levels.Lifelong learning is a key to my personal development. ·Open mind attitude: In business and even life, what I consider most crucial is communication. I am open-minded and non-judgmental. I intend to understand different perspectives, which is my own way of communicating. ·Personality: My traits fit perfectly well with business. I have my own codes which I keep reminding myself of and follow at all times; first of all I do my best, secondly I do right things and lastly I show others that I care. I push myself for the better, but in dealing with people I am caring and respectful. I am positive and passionate. I take prides in all that I do. <profile> NEGOTIATION: Highly motivated professional with strong background in customer service management and employee relation. Ability to identify mutual compromising points to create a win-win scenario increasing customersatisfaction.COMMUNICATION: Ability to understand diverse culture through language. Creating an environment of free exchange and soliciting others innovative ideas improving productivity.LEADERSHIP: Detail-oriented leader with proven track record of success working with teams to accomplish organization goals.

Work experience

Jun 2010Oct 2010


Language Institute AVALON ENGLISH

Teaching experience: Started as a regular instructor after short probation period. Every session 5 classes in charge. Responsible for more than 50 students under management, including counseling with parents either on the phone or in person on a daily basis. Teaching in many different classes, understanding of how business works. By experiencing various work meetings, aware of importance of communication in workplace and able to solve problems through discussion and interaction.


Mar 2005Feb 2011


Pukyong National University

03/2005 – 02/2011 Pukyong National University, Republic of KoreaB.S. in Chemistry, GPA: 3.98/4.50Courses: Business English, Practical English(1)(2),Practical IT(1)(2), 21C Leadership, Social Psychology, American Studies, etc.