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Work experience

Senior Researcher


Among the main activities were in the field of information technology research and develop projects and assist small businesses to improve quality and product and processes innovation. Drafting and approval of the project of technological development in the areas of vaccine production at the FINEP agency . Conducting various activities to consulting small businesses in the search fields for analysis of technological innovation and generating financial support.

Jan 2007Present

Senior Consultant


Currently developing activities such as business consulting (strategy, business processes, improved productivity), entrepreneurship, training and manages projects to design and develop new products/services and business models..

Jan 2000Dec 2006

Management Consultant, Full

Nortia Consultores Associados

Full Consultant,  Project manager. Performance in managing consulting projects to implement solutions in medium and large companies, as also private and public organizations.  Manager R&D at the company. Project Leader  in the management system implementation. Performance incremental improvement  and development of new consulting services were implemented with sucess.  

Jan 1996Aug 1998



The main activities were participating in training through seminars and workshops conducted by Japanese and Brazilian experts. While work has been done in practical consulting companies in Brazil and Japan in the fields of productivity and quality. Brazil (Parana and Santa Catarina) and Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Kyoto). Development of training and educational engineering application of training and technical engineering teams in the Renault plant in Brazil in methods of statistical quality control. Participation as an engineer in the development and implementation of lean solutions in metalworking, services and food companies.


Mar 1988Mar 1991

Master of Science

Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

Dissertation title: "Efficiency and Quality in Product Design with focus in Taguchi Method", 1991


Software to Analysis
I´m advanced user to help analysis or sinthesis of managemnet systems and to develop solutions.  :   MindManager Minitab Statistical     I´m user of:   Vensim BizAgi IDS-ARIS      
Graphic and Design
Ability and mastery in communication skills and analytical tools through graphical and design solution to complex problems coupled with a good competence in the synthesis of concepts and ideas.


Looking for new opportunities of development and growth, taking part in the companies goals that focus on social and economic value - added. I believe that I can contribute with my experience and expertise in solving managerial and technical problems, but also through my creative ability to add and capture value.


Innovation Process and Management

Innovation Technology

Management Systems

Strategy and Business Models

Quality Engineering (Taguchi Method, CEP, FMEA) and Quality Assurance

Productivity Management

Design Thinking

Marketing and Innovation

Dynamic System

Social Network Analysis



Highly qualified technical professional with business acumen, technical expertise and creativity in problem solving, leadership skills along with a extensive experience in design and development enterprise solutions and managing projects in medium and large companies. Specifically in operations and project management, business process and production improvement, solving engineering problems involving quality and productivity. Leadership and experience in design and implementation of competency and process-based organizational structures. 

Solid background in training in operations management, quality and productivity engineering, lean management system, new product development and innovation management.

 Ability and mastery of communication skills and analytical tools through graphical solution to complex problems coupled with a good competence in the synthesis of concepts and ideas. Extensive practice and domain to treat information in databases, implementing research and modeling to support research projects of competitive intelligence. Expertise in research projects for new business models e business plans.

Papers Published

  • “Gestão Estratégica e da Inovação na Educação”. Revista Educação. Revista SINEPE-RS. 2006
  • Capítulo 5 do Livro “GESTÃO PÚBLICA E REFORMA ADMINISTRATIVA: Conceitos e Casos: a Experiência de Florianópolis” Editora Lucerna, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. 2004
  • “Parana Technology Network”, Organizational Innovations in The Triple Helix, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. 2000
  • "Market-In Approach & Real Quality Assurance". INFORMS. National Bridging Continents and Cultures. Meeting, Montreal, Canadá. 1998.
  • Artigo apresentado no 4o Seminário Brasileiro de Ergonomia, RJ. Apresentador do Trabalho: “Human Problem Solving - Uma Abordagem da Ergonomia Cognitiva”. 1989.


Quality Engineering

Aug 2002Feb 2002

Management Consultant

Jan 1999May 1999

Gestão de Projetos e Planejamento de Marketing

Jan 1996Aug 1998

Productivity Management

Japan Productivity Centre
Apr 1997May 1997


BELGE- Engenharia e Sistemas