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Yukiko Takahashi

Educator in Language and Globalism


As an educator in both Japan and the US for more than 20 years, I have made a bridge between people in both countries for their education and business. My mission is to foster and nurture people to work collaboratively in this global society.

Work experience

Feb 2010Present

Lecturer in Japanese Language, Culture and Business

Chapman University
Japanese instructor: Teach all the levels of Japanese including Business Japanese course and advised and assisted students for their successful employment in Japan.
Program coordinator: develop materials, coordinate events and guests from outside the university, arrange native Japanese speakers volunteers from Japan in classes of the Japanese program.
ESL instructor: Teach English to the Japanese volunteers who desire to study in the US, providing communicative learning as well as knowledge of academic skills in the US. Teach English for summer course at California school of English.
Oct 2005Present

Translator of Japanese and English

Translation English to Japanese, and vice versa
previous Accomplishment: Business Agreements/Company Regulations/
Legal Documents/Product Manuals/Website Content/Cartoons/Instructions
Aug 2014Sep 2015

School Director

Orange County Lingual Institute
My goal is to provide a friendly and professional environment that will nurture each individual’s needs. I enjoy meeting people, different culture, languages and building relationships with them that will create wonderful experiences.
• Meet educational outcomes for classes offered, and ensure sound academic practices
• Lead services and activities to ensure a quality educational experience for our students
• Conduct meetings, review and analyze assessment data, compile reports, and meet operational and administrative deadlines
• Provide on-going development and consistent implementation of curriculum, course learning materials, educational resources, and student assessments
• Ensure that instructional materials and equipment are sufficient in quality and quantity
• Lead ongoing faculty assessments that are appropriate to our educational offerings to ensure an active, engaged, and up to date classroom experience for all students
• Ensure that each staff member has the knowledge and skill to successfully meet the requirements of their position
Aug 2009Jun 2012

Japanese Lecturer

Long Beach City College
Japanese Lecturer (2 years 11 months) Long Beach, California USA Teach Elementary Japanese. I built up and shared cultural study as a part of language learning. Attending seminars and conferences, I also developed teaching skills with technology.
Feb 2007Aug 2010

Japanese Instructor

Mt. San Antonio College
Japanese Instructor (3 years 7 months) Walnut, California USA Teach beginner and intermediate Japanese(Japanese 1,2, 3). Developing Language lab materials with PowerPoint, I explored technology for effective learning and real-time communication.
Oct 2006Apr 2007

Japanese Instructor

Beverly Hills Lingual Institute
Japanese Instructor (7 months) Beverly Hills, California USA Teach Japanese to business people. All levels from introductory to advanced. In a small class size(max 10), I effectively assisted their oral communication skills.
Apr 1991Jul 2004

English Teacher

Oasa High School, Oasahigashi Junior High School
English teacher (13 years 4 months) Ebetsu, Hokkaido Japan I experienced both High school and junior high school to teach English as a second language during my 15 years teaching career in Japan. I explored communicative language learning and teaching while attending seminars and workshops inside and outside of the country. Working collaboratively with colleagues and ALTs, I assisted students to study English for communication and academic preparation. Representative of English teacher in the prefecture to bring teaching methods and academic information and knowledge from University of Alberta


Aug 2004May 2006

Master's in Linguistics

California State University, Fullerton
Applied Linguistics for English and Japanese
English and Japanese Contrast Analysis
Second Language Acquisition
English as a Second Language
Foreign Language Teaching
Apr 1987Mar 1991

Bachelor's in Education

Hokkaido University of Education, Iwamizawa
Teaching Credentials for K-6
Teaching Certificate for English for 7-12