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Nov 2014Present


Members: Qin, Yubo, Naixuan Ma, Tong Wang, Tingyu Chen, YANG ZHANG, Lufan Zhang Created webpage with search engine that allows user search movie data stored in local database using PHP, CSS, HTML, AJAX and SQL database.-Downloaded movie data from IMDB API with PHP and stored into SQL database. Normalization is performed to reduce redundancy.-Used regular expression to find input keywords in database and display results with AJAX. Helper Android app based on
Sep 2014Present


Android SOS
Members: Qin, Yubo I've developed two Android application, which are FriendFinder and Robust Downloader. FrindFinder App could implement showing my current position and my friends' position and photos. This App has used The Robust Downloader App could robust downloading files from user given URL. It could show downloading speed, percentage and connection latency. This App has used Multi-threading technique and DownloadManager APIs. Helper APP
Sep 2014Present


Members: Qin, Yubo, Lufan Zhang Created a service which can record voices and accurately verify detailed location information in given time intervals. Created a new lock screen to improve the user experience, and ensure they are able to start the service on the locked screen. Developed relationships with Google API to ensure the successful location of our map API to locate the position of the client and to ensure the map was accurately showing on mobile devices using asyncTask. Helper Android app based on
Nov 2013Present


Design for Vehicle Lateral Dynamics Stability
Controller Members: Qin, Yubo Designed a PID controller to improve vehicle lateral dynamics performance. Is was developed on Matlab and tested with Simulink. Digital Images Processing using Matlab
Feb 2014Apr 2014


Autonomic SmartGrid
Management Members: Qin, Yubo Proposed a new idea that how to based cloud computing, using social medias and smart meter data to optimize the SmartGrid management and take electric vehicles as the study case. This paper has been accepted by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE) which has link at project URL. Rail Testing Frequency Calculator
Nov 2013Dec 2013

Branch Prediction Strategy

Branch Prediction Strategy
Members: Qin, Yubo, lingnan meng, Yangjun Luo, Yue Song This is a project aiming at improving default branch prediction strategy on a computer architecture simulator which called SimpleScalar. We' ve chosen a new prediction strategy called the Agree Strategy which was used in Intel Pentium 4 processor. This new prediction strategy has shown some obvious improvement on certain benchmarks running on the SimpleScalar. Linux Server Deployment




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