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Creative, driven, and dynamic; Christopher Cote is extremely personable, motivated to succeed, hungry to learn and grow as an individual as well as part of a team. An experienced digital coordinator, live music & stage tech, photographer and writer, Chris is prepared to tackle all projects head on.



Digital Media Producer & Coordinator


• Managed content production and digital strategy for music and multi-media clients (Topshelf Records, Bridge 9 Records, Twitch, @EmoLabs)

 • Managed content production and scheduling for multiple Los Angeles based pop artists (Adam Friedman, Kaya Stewart, Half The Animal)
• Authored several photo, video, & musical projects in conjunction with running successful promotional & social campaigns.

• Coordinated live event production & artist management on various music festivals & 1000+ capacity event spaces. 
• Collaborated with peer creatives to create engaging, creative photo & video campaigns.

Sept. 2015Sept. 2016

Search Coordinator, Integrated Media

AMP Agency

• Authored SEO & digital content for major Hasbro brand sites (Star Wars, My Little Pony, & Transformers) to coincide with promotions for active traditional ad campaigns

• Contributed real-time site and content optimization in response to trending brand content (Viral Content: Chewbacca Mask Lady)

• Analyzed active SEO keywords for to track effectiveness and quality of website copy, code using Google AdWords, MOZ, and Conductor

• Prepared & delivered scheduled web traffic reports for all major Hasbro brands in 12 international markets

Apr. 2013Sep. 2015

Executive's Assistant

Bridge Nine Records

• Assisted in experiential marketing, merchandising, and hospitality requests  throughout multiple artist tour cycles (Vans Warped Tour, This Is Hardcore)

• Managed scheduling of day-to-day appointment for label executives. 

• Management of both business & retail label mailroom services.

• Bridge 9 Roster: American Nightmare, Defeater, Ceremony, Have Heart


Ana Nichols - Account Supervisor - AMP Agency

Time Known: 1 Year // Relationship: Former Employer

Email: ANichols@AmpAgency.Com

Brian Schultz - Head of Distribution - Bridge Nine Records

Time Known: 3 Years // Relationship: Former Employer


Selena Rox - Artist Liaison - HOST VIP

Time Known: 6 Years // Relationship: Coworker & Creative Partner