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Work experience

Sep 2011Present

RF Engineer

SwedTel Arabia Limited

STC  Saudi Arabia KSA.                                Nokia Siemens Networks  STC ( LTE 4G ) Project Saudi Arabia KSA.

Designation:  Post Processor Engineer .

 2G/3G/4G LTE Post processing Analyzing


The key responsibilities are pre and post processing optimization focused on resolving typical. RF issues through the ACTIX Spotlight and Analyzer platform.

·         The objective of analyzing Log files is to make the network meet the required Cluster Level KPIs.

·         Complete Reporting of LTE to make the  RSRP, RSRQ, CINR, Downlink, and Uplink plot.

·         Monitor the before and after performance of sites after upgrades (Tilts, antennas changes, etc…) and fix any issues.

·         Drive test analysis, Post processing, call flows studies, Drop calls, handover process, Pilot Channel RSCP Level and Interference Ec/No. Parameters tuning, neighbors definition, Design and sites modifications (Tilt, azimuth, height, etc…).

·         Resolve the customer complaints and give the comments with the help of performance tool, Map-Info, Google Earth or if necessary make a drive around the location.

·         Experience on Analysis Drive test data with Actix/TEMS and Reporting of RF and Network Problems like Pilot Pollution, Bad Coverage area, Drop Calls, Access Failures, Handovers Problems.

·         Presentation of daily test report of events like dropped calls, set up failures, periods of Bad quality (BLER), pilot pollution and low EC/Io, periods of low signal strength, handovers Failures, UMTS cell update problems

·         Swap Sector Analysis / SC inconsistency Check – To identify the sector swaps and/or improper data fill of Scrambling codes

·         Drop Calls / Access Failure Analysis – To identify the reason for Drop calls and Access Failures and provide to solutions to resolve.

·         Optimizing the antenna orientation and tilt for UMTS coverage and Ec/Io enhancement.

·         Responsibilities for monitoring and improving network performance on cell sites to meet objectives for call drops and call blocks.

Jan 2010Jan 2011


Faisal Muhammad Al Qahtani


Tasking Involve working as a instrumentation Engineer in various oil and gas     

    processing plants, repairing and trouble shooting of instrumentation installed in gas 

    processing plant.

      UTMN-2004 KHUF GAS Well  Saudi Arabia Dammam.

      Expertise·         Distributed Control Systems DCS

·         Programmable Logic Controller PLC installation and maintenance

·         Measurement, Process Instrumentation, Industrial Automation

·         Engineering Work Package preparation

·         Material take off

·         Cable Schedule and selection.

·         Loop Test.

·         Magger Test.

·         Instrument drawings (Block Diagram, General Arrangement, Elementary Diagram, Interconnection Diagram, Instrument Loop Diagram) design.

·         Instrument drawing index preparation.

Aug 2007Dec 2009

RF Engineer

ACE Telecommunication

·         Drive Test ( To analyze the Speech Quality, RX level, the Neighbor Definitions & Location Area Update)

·         GPRS & EDGE Test (To analyze EDGE Connectivity, Static File Download, Uplink & Downlink Throughputs & Coding Scheme Usage).

·         Post Reporting from Drive Test data.Cluster Drive.

·         To identify the coverage hole or problematic area.        

·         Providing the Orientation on the basis of Hot Spot’s and clutter.

·         Performing physical optimization like changing Orientation depending upon the clutter, Tilt, and verifying SWAP and rectified it by manual tracing.

·         Studying log files and analyzing reasons for call drops, handover failure, detecting SWAP

·         Preparing power point presentation plots for the radio parameter like Rx Level,

 Rx Quality, C/I, SQI


Jul 2004Jul 2007


NWFP University Of Engineering & Technology

Electrical Engineeering ( Communication)

Jul 2002Jul 2004


Oxford Educatoin Academy
Dec 1999Dec 2000


Oxford Educatoin Academy


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