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Work experience

Jan 2008Present


Manager: James Beavers/Mark Singleton – Geological Manager

Interpretation and integration of 2D and 3D seismic data and well data (including sonic scanner) in East Texas and North Louisiana. Unconventional and conventional prospect development, including the Haynesville and Bossier Shales. Seismic attributes generation, interpretation and calibration. Property evaluation support for prospects and play generations. Microseismic design and interpretation. 2D and 3D data processing and geophysical services screening.

Jan 2006Dec 2007

Associate Geophysicist

Manager: James Beavers – Geological Manager

Interpretation and integration of 2D and 3D seismic data and well data in East Texas. Conventional prospect development. Seismic attributes generation, interpretation and calibration. Property evaluation support for prospects and play generations.

Aug 2005Dec 2005



Manager: Juan Carlos Palacio – DCS Manager College Station, TX

Processing and interpretation of microseismic data from monitoring of hydraulic fractured reservoirs. Research and development of interpretation and processing workflows of microsesimic data.

May 2005Jul 2005

Summer Intern

Manager: Baljit Dahmi – Gulf of Mexico Manager

Gulf of Mexico Team Summer Intern

Interpretation of deep water Gulf of Mexico petroleum systems to define possible exploration targets. Property evaluation of Gulf of Mexico blocks for future transaction.

Jan 2004May 2005

Graduate Research Assistant

The University of Oklahoma

Advisor: Dr. Roger A. Young – Associate Professor

Graduate Research Assistant – School of Geology and Geophysics

Provide research support to the Shell Crustal Imaging Facility (SCIF) Computer Lab

May 2003Aug 2003

Student Research Assistant

The University of Oklahoma

Advisor: Dr. Roger A. Young – Associate Professor

Student Research Assistant – School of Geology and Geophysics

Perform Seismic Modeling and Processing to data provided by Star Geophysics

Jul 2001Sep 2001

Summer Intern


Advisor: Andrey Ortega

Analysis of the structure, functioning and application of “Seismic modeling in viscoelastic media” software, in order to propose alternatives to improve its performance


Aug 2007Present

PhD Candidate

The University of Oklahoma

Under the guidance of Dr. Kurt Marfurt I am currently working in the development of seismic attribute assisted interpretation workflows in the Anadarko Basin. I am currently using the Watonga seismic survey, proprietary of Chesapeake Energy, with approximately 1,800 well penetrations. The purpose of the research is to calibrate  the best combination of seismic attributes against well data to identify prospective Red Fork sands in order to be able to apply the findings to nearby areas and analog reservoirs.

Jan 2004May 2007


The University of Oklahoma

Under the supervision of Dr Roger Young and Dr Lynn Soreghan I developed a project that involved the

acquisition, processing and modeling of shallow seismic refraction and reflection profiles at The Unaweep Canyon, Colorado

Sep 1998Dec 2003


Universidad Simon Bolivar

Under the supervision of Dr Roger Young and Dr Milagrosa Aldana I developed a project that included the seismic modeling and processing of 2D synthetic seismic data in a geologically complex area in Bryan County, Oklahoma


Bilingual / Spanish / English
Mother Language Spanish Second Language English
Fortran / Matlab/ C Programming
Programming languages
SPW-Seismic Processing Workshop
Seismic Processing software
Seismic Processing software
2D ray tracing seismic modeling software
Multidisciplinary 3D visualization and interpretation software
Seismic interpretation and well log analysis software
Hampson and Russell
  Array of advanced seismic and well log analysis tools eLog An analysis tool for log editing, check shot correction and synthetic generation. STRATA Inversion of 2D and 3D post-stack and pre-stack seismic data. EMERGE Analysis and prediction of reservoir properties from seismic data using multilinear regression and neural network techniques. AVO Amplitude vs. Offset analysis for reservoir characterization
Microseismic data processing and visualization application from Schlumberger
Seismic Spectral Decomposition software from Fusion Geophysical
Integrated geological and geophysical interpretation package. SeisVision - Seismic interpretation ZoneManager - Cross-plotting and spreadsheet analysis application LogM - Synthetic generation, fluid substitution and seismic modeling Prizm - Vector log editing and petrophysical analysis GeoAtlas - Mapping  X-section - Cross-section building application
Raster logs cross-section building software
Visual Vox At - Geomodeling
Seismic interpretation software and seismic attribute generation. 3D visualization, strata-gridding, cross-plotting, facies and principal component analysis
Seismic interpretation software, synthetic and attribute generation. 3D visualization and mapping.  

Some of my publications


  • Suarez, Y.M; Marfurt, K.J. and Falk, M. Seismic attribute-assisted interpretation of incised valley fill episodes: A case study of the Anadarko Basin Red Fork interval —Expanded Abstracts and Poster Session SEG Annual Conference, Las Vegas 2008.
  • Suarez, Y.M., 2007 Acquisition, processing and modeling of shallow seismic refraction and reflection profiles : Unaweep Canyon, Colorado [M.S Thesis] Norman, University of Oklahoma, 135p
  • Suarez-Rojas, Y., and Le Calvez, J., "Method to Determine Q-Factor Using Coda Waves from Microseismic Events", StimQ, Submitted 2006: Docket No 110.0121 (US), Filed 2007.12.27, Application number: 11/965150
  • Suarez, Y.M and Le Calvez, J. Impact of Hydraulic Reservoir Stimulation On Velocity Models Used For Microseismic Event Location Determination. South Central GSA Conference. Environmental Geology/Structural Geology/Tectonics (Posters). March 2006
  • Suarez, Y.M; Young, R.A; Soreghan, G.S and Johnson, R.A. Preliminary Results From Seismic Imaging Of The Basement Profile In Western Unaweep Canyon,Colorado. Rocky Mountain GSA Conference. Late Cenozoic Evolution of the Rocky Mountains and Colorado Plateau (Posters). May 2005
  • Young, R.A; Suarez, Y.M and Bui, H. Probing Unaweep Canyon valley fill: a seismic search for basement. Earth Scientists 2004.

Professional Training

  • Reservoir Geophysics: Applications - November 2008
  • Nautilus Ancient Clastic Field Trip - October 2008

  • Sequence Stratigraphy - August 2008

  • Nautilus Modern Clastics Field Trip - July 2008

  • Seismic AVO - June 2008

  • Perfecting your Professional Image - June 2008

  • Geomodeling Software Training - January 2008

  • 3D Seismic Interpretation - August-December 2007

  • Survive and thrive in a multigenerational workplace - December 2007

  • AVO: Seismic Lithology - September 2007

  • Applied Subsurface Geological Mapping - June 2007

  • Nautilus Workshop in Geological Seismic Interpretation: Salt Tectonics - April 2007

  • DrillingInfo Intermediate Training for Geologist and Engineers - February 2007

  • Compressional & Transpressional Structural Styles - December 2006

  • Seismic Attribute Mapping of Structure and Stratigraphy - October 2006

  • Carbonate Well Log Analysis - July 2006

  • Geographix SeisVision - March 2006

  • Integration of Logs and Seismic Data for Exploration, Exploitation and Production - March 2006

  • Fundamentals of Applied Geophysics - February 2006

  • Geographix SmartSection - February 2006

  • Introduction to Geographix - January 2006

  • STIMMAP Training Class - September 2005

  • Hampson and Russel Training Class - AVO-STRATA-EMERGE- August 2005

  • Well Logs Interpretation Course - February 2005

  • Petroleum Systems of Deepwater Settings - October 2004

  • Petroleum Geology of Deepwater (Turbidite) Depositional Systems - March 2004

  • Seismic Amplitude Interpretation - November 2001


My goal is to find a challenging geophysical interpretation position that involves the use of advanced seismic and well log analysis techniques including geophysical attributes and reservoir characterization as well as the integration of multidisciplinary data in prospect generation and evaluation.


  • Member of the University of Oklahoma AASPI Consortium
  • Secretary 2008-2009 Geophysical Society of Oklahoma City
  • Member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists
  • Member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists
  • Founder and member of the University of Oklahoma Student Association Friends of Venezuela 2004-present


Seismic Interpreter with 4 years of experience in the oil and natural gas industry. Strong proficiency in regional interpretation in the East Texas Basin. Development, within multidisciplinary teams, of many play concepts including Haynesville and Bossier Shales, Travis Peak, James Lime, Pettet, Cotton Valley and Bossier Sands. Savvy in the application of geophysical new technologies including multi-attribute assisted reservoir characterization. Experience in acreage evaluation and supervision of seismic processing and seismic inversion workflows.  Strong software skills. Very fast learner, adaptable, responsible, with leadership skills, very good interpersonal relations. Bilingual