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Yousef Mohammed Youseff Abdelnaby

M.Sc in Microbial Biotechnology, 2014


Highly capable master degree holder with highly acquired skills of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology operations. Expertise in Nucleic Acid Techniques, fermentation Engineering and the analysis of the samples using HPLC, GC, IR, UV, GC-MS techniques. Ability to design experiments and perform assist in experiments in addition to prepare required reagent easily. Able to multitask, and work as a team player with excellent interpersonal skills. Commitment to adhere and perform all laboratory functions in accordance with SOPs and safety guidelines of the organization. Willing to relocate.



M.Sc in Microbial Biotechnology

School of Biotechnology, Jiangnan University, Wuxi (china)
  • Achieved GPA of 83.0 %
  • Program of study included: Food Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Probiotics Microorganisms, Fermentation Engineering, Metabolic Engineering, Organic Chemistry Biosynthesis, Analytical Chemistry and Cell Biology,  

Work experience

Nov 2014Aug 2016

Assistant Lecturer

Faculty of Dentistry, Sinai University

 Assistant Lecturer at the department of basic science in the Faculty of Dentistry, Sinai University, El-Arish, North Sinai(Egypt)

  • Teaching Cell Biology, Genetic and molecular Biology courses
  • Scientific researches in fields of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Sep 2011Jun 2014


The Key Laboratory of Industrial Biotechnology
  • Industrial Biosynthesis of pharmaceutical and industrial ingredients such as Vitamins, Enzymes, Amino acid and Proteins.
  • Optimization of the synthesis of active ingredients by using biotechnology tools such as Fermentation Engineering, Metabolic Engineering and Genetic Engineering.
Jul 2009Jul 2011


Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Biologist at Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Industries Sinai University, El-Arish, North Sinai (Egypt)
  • In charge of Microbiology laboratories and Microalgae culture lab


Language skills
  • Stander Arabic: Native speaker
  • Very good command of the English language  
  • Chinese language
Organisational / managerial skills

Strong organisational skills to work collaboratively with other students as team. In addition to the ability to work individually.

Job-related skills 

During my education and work in the field of Biotechnology Biosynthesis, I gained a lot skills  As follows:.

▪ Basic Lab
▪ Safety
▪ Easy to handle the technical equipment and facilities
▪ Manufacturing and production skills
▪ Quality Assurance / QualityControl
▪ Good command of specific lab skills such as:

Analysis tools

Experience with HPLC, spectroscopic and other analysis tools ( UV-vis, NMR, Thermal analysis, etc…) and ability to interpret the results.


▪ Microbiology functions such as gram staining, plate count, viable count , colony count, preparation of cultures and media, smear preparation.

▪ Determination of bacterial growth by optical density.

▪ Assembling and set up of bioreactors for fermentation.

Cell Biology 

know how to grow and maintain cell lines tissues, store them and perform assays.

Nucleic Acid Techniques 

know how to isolate and manipulate nucleic acids, and know specific techniques such as electrophoresis and polymerase chain reactions (PCR).

Protein Techniques 

know how to detect, isolate, purify, concentrate and perform assays.

Courses and conference

  • 2018 Synthetic Biotechnology Training Course for Developing Countries,1st TWAS Symposium on Plant Natural Product Synthesis by, Microbes
  • 2018 Fourth China Zebrafish PI Meeting, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, China 
  • 2017 The Fifth Zebrafish Research Conference of China--Developmental Genetics and Disease Models


  • Yousef Mohammed, Byong Lee, Zhen Kang, Guocheng Du: Development of a two-step cultivation strategy for the production of vitamin B12 by Bacillus megaterium. Microbial Cell Factories 07/2014; Impact factor 4.25.

  •  Yousef Mohammed, Byong Lee, Zhen Kang, Guocheng Du: Capability of Lactobacillus reuteri to Produce an Active Form of Vitamin B12 under Optimized Fermentation Conditions. J Academia and Industrial Research, 2014, 2: 2278-5213.

  • Yousef Mohammed, Byong Lee, Zhen Kang, Guocheng. The regulation of the anaerobic biosynthesis of vitamin B12. Under preparation.