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  • One of the final five projects for Entrepreneurship Competition in National Business and Technology Conference, Toronto, March 8, 2008

          -Presented business plan of Air Quality Monitor project

  • Ashbaugh Graduate Scholarship, McMaster University, 2006, $11,000


  • Employed as a Commercialization Consultant for SENTINEL Bioactive Paper Network: conducted industrial background and market research, assessed market applications, analyzed commercialization potential and competition, planned business development strategy and investigated technology status
  • Well-educated and experienced in complete commercialization process; specialized on business analysis: analyzing customer need, market profile, competition situation; recommending product positioning and commercialization strategy 
  • Experienced in commercialization analysis and market research to get feedback of potential customers or stakeholders, in areas like Agriculture, Food Surveillance, Water Test/Filter, HVAC, Home and Clinic Diagnostics for SENTINEL technologies; and Baby Product Market, Automobile Market, Products for the Disabled, and Plastic Industry
  • Excellent science and engineering background; Conducted projects related to Biotechnology, Material Manufacturing, Food industry, Environmental industry, Mechanics, Electronic Engineering and so on
  • Self-starter, target-oriented, assertive, attention to details , quick learner, team player, open-minded

Work experience

Sep 2006Present

Entrepreneurship Project

Air Quality Monitor

To manufacture and market user-friendly, affordable air quality monitor to prevent indoor air pollution in daily life environments

  • Market analysis: Performed market investigation over multiple segments including homes, automotive for testing customers’ needs and market positioning; resulted individual health care market as the penetration point and product offering criteria
  • Technology analysis and prototyping: Evaluated and adopted MEMS technology as the low-cost, high sensitive technology and recruited technical team for prototype development
  • Marketing and finance analysis: Established business relationship with air quality service companies for distribution channels and attained Letter of Interest; Planned manufacturing and marketing strategy and produced financial projection plan
  • Created reports (available upon request): Enterprise Project Concept, Shaping the Product Offering, Analyzing the Competitors, Product Strategy and Developing the Proof-of-Concept Criteria, Project Management and Project Evaluation, Financial Plan, Business Plan
Mar 2007Present

Entrepreneurship Project

Braille Display

To offer low-cost, larger-area digital Braille display for visually impaired people

  • Established cooperation relationship with CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) and AFB (American Foundation for the Blind) for prototype testing and product feedback
  • Evaluated and outsourced “smart material” technology as the best-fit one through market research and consulting industrial experts
May 2008Sep 2008

Commercialization Consultant (Contract Position)

SENTINEL Bioactive Paper Network
  • Investigated industrial background and existing technologies for market positioning; analyzed SENTINEL competitive advantage with SWOT method for product concept development
  • Organized and conducted market research for SENTINEL bioactive paper technologies in areas of Agriculture, Food Surveillance, Water Test/Filter, HVAC Industry, Home and Clinic Diagnostics
  • Analyzed customer need and stakeholder feedback on explored possible market applications, resulted the prioritized commercialization opportunities according to success potential and entry barriers
  • Planned commercialization strategy and recommended business development pathway
  • Initiated potential collaboration relationship with 8 companies/organizations such as Toronto Public Health, Ontario Greenhouse Growers and so on
  • Established analysis and investigation method for further commercialization activities; Created reports on technology status summary, market investigation results and commercialization analysis
Jan 2007Apr 2007

Entrepreneurship Project

Fillers for Plastics

To supply low-cost and environmental friendly filler for plastics

  • Conducted direct market investigation with industrial experts for niche market positioning

  • Achieved consent with plastic manufacturing companies for product trials as potential customers

Jan 2005Aug 2006

Consultant (Part-time), Technical strategy affairs

Juli Cement Additive Material Factory
  • Increased product effectiveness by approximately 20% without increasing the cost of manufacturing by adjusting PH value of additive
  • Proposed to customize supply for clients’ different cement sorts and improved customers’ satisfaction
  • Helped in reinforcing the IP property by establishing technical communication standards

Commercialization skills

Air Quality Monitor


Sep 2006Apr 2008

M. Eng

Courses and business creation experience focus on Market Research, Market Assessment and Positioning, Project Management, Financial Analysis, Marketing & Sales, Strategic Management of Technology


MS Office Suite
Proficient in MS Office Suite Microsoft Excel/Access for Information system Excellent in Microsoft PowerPoint for presentation Microsoft Office Project 2007 for Project Management
Strong multitask organizational skills with attention to details in a fast-paced environment
Project management
Well-practiced project management, resource acquisition and team building skills
Presentation and communication
Excellent presentation and communication skills; considerable business presentation experience
Commercialization analysis / business analysis
Skillful in commercialization analysis, market assessment and information investigation