Li Liu


  • One of the final five projects for Entrepreneurship Competition in National Business and Technology Conference, Toronto, March 8, 2008

          -Presented business plan of Air Quality Monitor project

  • Ashbaugh Graduate Scholarship, McMaster University, 2006, $11,000


  • Employed as a Commercialization Consultant for SENTINEL Bioactive Paper Network: conducted industrial background and market research, assessed market applications, analyzed commercialization potential and competition, planned business development strategy and investigated technology status
  • Well-educated and experienced in complete commercialization process; specialized on business analysis: analyzing customer need, market profile, competition situation; recommending product positioning and commercialization strategy 
  • Experienced in commercialization analysis and market research to get feedback of potential customers or stakeholders, in areas like Agriculture, Food Surveillance, Water Test/Filter, HVAC, Home and Clinic Diagnostics for SENTINEL technologies; and Baby Product Market, Automobile Market, Products for the Disabled, and Plastic Industry
  • Excellent science and engineering background; Conducted projects related to Biotechnology, Material Manufacturing, Food industry, Environmental industry, Mechanics, Electronic Engineering and so on
  • Self-starter, target-oriented, assertive, attention to details , quick learner, team player, open-minded

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2006 - Present

Entrepreneurship Project

Air Quality Monitor

To manufacture and market user-friendly, affordable air quality monitor to prevent indoor air pollution in daily life environments

  • Market analysis: Performed market investigation over multiple segments including homes, automotive for testing customers’ needs and market positioning; resulted individual health care market as the penetration point and product offering criteria
  • Technology analysis and prototyping: Evaluated and adopted MEMS technology as the low-cost, high sensitive technology and recruited technical team for prototype development
  • Marketing and finance analysis: Established business relationship with air quality service companies for distribution channels and attained Letter of Interest; Planned manufacturing and marketing strategy and produced financial projection plan
  • Created reports (available upon request): Enterprise Project Concept, Shaping the Product Offering, Analyzing the Competitors, Product Strategy and Developing the Proof-of-Concept Criteria, Project Management and Project Evaluation, Financial Plan, Business Plan
Mar 2007 - Present

Entrepreneurship Project

Braille Display

To offer low-cost, larger-area digital Braille display for visually impaired people

  • Established cooperation relationship with CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) and AFB (American Foundation for the Blind) for prototype testing and product feedback
  • Evaluated and outsourced “smart material” technology as the best-fit one through market research and consulting industrial experts
May 2008 - Sep 2008

Commercialization Consultant (Contract Position)

SENTINEL Bioactive Paper Network
  • Investigated industrial background and existing technologies for market positioning; analyzed SENTINEL competitive advantage with SWOT method for product concept development
  • Organized and conducted market research for SENTINEL bioactive paper technologies in areas of Agriculture, Food Surveillance, Water Test/Filter, HVAC Industry, Home and Clinic Diagnostics
  • Analyzed customer need and stakeholder feedback on explored possible market applications, resulted the prioritized commercialization opportunities according to success potential and entry barriers
  • Planned commercialization strategy and recommended business development pathway
  • Initiated potential collaboration relationship with 8 companies/organizations such as Toronto Public Health, Ontario Greenhouse Growers and so on
  • Established analysis and investigation method for further commercialization activities; Created reports on technology status summary, market investigation results and commercialization analysis
Jan 2007 - Apr 2007

Entrepreneurship Project

Fillers for Plastics

To supply low-cost and environmental friendly filler for plastics

  • Conducted direct market investigation with industrial experts for niche market positioning

  • Achieved consent with plastic manufacturing companies for product trials as potential customers

Jan 2005 - Aug 2006

Consultant (Part-time), Technical strategy affairs

Juli Cement Additive Material Factory
  • Increased product effectiveness by approximately 20% without increasing the cost of manufacturing by adjusting PH value of additive
  • Proposed to customize supply for clients’ different cement sorts and improved customers’ satisfaction
  • Helped in reinforcing the IP property by establishing technical communication standards


Sep 2006 - Apr 2008

M. Eng

Courses and business creation experience focus on Market Research, Market Assessment and Positioning, Project Management, Financial Analysis, Marketing & Sales, Strategic Management of Technology



MS Office Suite

Proficient in MS Office Suite Microsoft Excel/Access for Information system Excellent in Microsoft PowerPoint for presentation Microsoft Office Project 2007 for Project Management


Strong multitask organizational skills with attention to details in a fast-paced environment

Project management

Well-practiced project management, resource acquisition and team building skills

Presentation and communication

Excellent presentation and communication skills; considerable business presentation experience

Commercialization analysis / business analysis

Skillful in commercialization analysis, market assessment and information investigation