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Work History

Apr 2018Present

Software Development Engineer 2


Tech Stack: Java, Dynamo DB, React


  • Building REST API end-points for AD creation and delivery
  • Building AD creation tool
Jan 2017Feb 2018

Software Engineer


Tech Stack: AWS Lambda, AWS Kinesis(Similar to Kafka), MySQL, Redis, Python, Flatbuffers, Pyramid,  React, Redux, Three.js, Unity3D.

  • Building REST API end-points for the content delivery system, analytics, and tracking
  • Building SPAs for CMS using React, Redux, Three.js, C3.js
  • Building a VR content build system.
Feb 2016Jan 2017

Software Engineer


Tech stack: Rails, Nginx, Redis, PostgreSQL, Sidekiq(job queue for asynchronous tasks)

  • Built a large scale email subscription system(multi-threading)
  • TDD(test code coverage was about 95%)
  • SQL query optimization
  • Built a location-based web app
  • Designed and implemented common modules as well as interfaces for integration with API end-points from more than 5 different third-parties
Nov 2013Mar 2015

Software Engineer

KAKAO Corporation( )

Kakaotalk is the most popular mobile messenger in South Korea. Kakaotalk currently has over 170 million users. My team focused on the gift shop in Kakaotalk messenger.

Tech Stack: Elastic Search,  Redis, Memcached, MySQL, Java, Rails, Ruby, Play Framework AngularJS. Grunt,  Logstash,  Kibana.

  • Built scalable web applications(8000 requests for second) with high availability
  • Implemented an SPA for shopping and API end-points for it
  • Built an error monitoring system with ELK stack
  • Wrote deployment script front-end stack(Grunt + AngularJS)
  • SQL query optimization
Jun 2012Jun 2013

Software Engineer

Goodoc(Acquired by Yello Mobile)

Tech Stack: Ruby, Rails, MySQL

  • Built REST API end-points for Android/iPhone app
  • Designed entire database schema
  • Implemented a location-based search engine, crawler, notification, CMS



Myeong-ji University

BS in Computer Engineering.